Friday, 8 July 2011

Relvon Colorsilk Luminsta

I went to Guardian n bought this hairdye @ $10.90 since its on promotion. watson is having the same sale and 2 boxes are selling @ $18.90.

I bought No 145 which is Burgundy. I dont remember whether it is Burgundy black or Burgundy brown. I dont even took any pictures on the product as i made a big mess while dying my hair.

I found the normal hair dying applicator a nasty task to use. I kept staining the area ard me and dying my hair was much more tougher as i couldnt even distribute the hair dye evenly on my whole head. Think i am too used to using Bubble foam hair dye . I washed my hair after 20 mins as i felt that my scalp was burning ! The only thing which i like about this product is it is ammonia free & it has a good conditioner which really detangled my hair after washing.

THe hairdye really made my hair color darker. My sis & colleagues like my new hair color too :)

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