Saturday, 30 April 2011

Upcoming Nature Republic Haul

I am planning to go down with my sis tomo. Really want to get the hibiscus firming range. Hope the stocks will come in soon. I don't buy anything things from Étude House today even thought it is having 30% storewide (last day).

What to do with the lipglosses that you don't like?

Well, I think everyone will come across some lip glosses which you think it don't suit you or you seldom use.

I always have this problem. I either throw away or pass to my sis. Now I am smart haha.. That's because I am using the ones which I don't like at night as lip moisturizer. I used to use Lancaster lip balm which cost ard $69 for a small pot. I found it quite expensive now. Think as you grows older, you will think about how to stretch your dollars fully after all those are your hard earned $$.


My lips are moisturized daily and I find it quite easy to apply lipstick without a lip balm in the morning. Seldom have dry lips too nowadays.

My First Wheesung CD Albums Haul

I just ordered from a local blogspot to place an order for my Idol Wheesung. Totally fall in love with his looks, his dances and lastly his powerful voice. I am watching his Music videos every morning when I am inside the train.

Will put up the album cover pictures when I receive them. Think it takes a month to reach mi.

Another Taiwan Haul From Rainbowmart

I just ordered 3 more skincare products from rainbowmart.

They are Naruko Rose & Snow Fungus Classic Hydrating night gelly,@ nature hisbicus Whitening clear essence & Beauty DIY Neroli water massage refiner.

I like to use these brands as they r affordable and does help or work pretty well. I am now totally into Korean & Taiwan products. So is my sis. She bought almost $400 worth of products from Nature Republic. She uses up skincare much faster than me haha..

We use 2 or more different types of serums and it works!! My face is pretty better as there's less rashes due to chemical expose. Think it's due to the hydrating & soothing products which I am currently using. Basic skincare is a must!!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Update on my nature republic haul 3

Very disappointed when my sis came home. There are no stock for the hisbicus range by the time my sis reached the store. The SA told her that alot of women came in n grabbed almost everything that they wanted cos all are 50% less.

My sis sold mi the fresh green tea emulsion, cream n serum as they are super cheap after the discount. I also bought a rose facial mist from her too.

I only managed to get 2 lippies on my list. Now no mood liao.

More New Nature Republic Products being Launched @ Singapore 28/4/2011

More Info from The SA

- two O2 mask therapy being launched today
* One is charcoal: can help control excess sebum & keep pores clean
* One is green tea: for anti aging & anti oxidant
* 100ml @ $38

- Various lip balms
- Armpit wash
- Whitening set
( No Price list yet)

Nature Republic Launching 3 new BB creams in Singapore 28/4/2011

1) The Eau De Lily - simliar to the old Eau De Shine range, suitable for combination skin ($24)

2) The collagen origin - formulated with active plant collagen, create a good coverage with light texture for your face, suitable for dry skin. ($26)

3) The advanced stemcell bb ($38.50) - formulated with stemcell extract which can help blood circulation & also to prevent aging. The coverage is also enough to cover up pigmentation yet the texture is smooth & flawless.

Nature Republic Haul 3

I have reserved some skincare & lippies from Nature Republic. My sis will be getting them for me as i Have OT daily.

The items are :
- Hibiscus 3 D firming emulsion & essence. ( checked by the SA about whether its for slimming the face. She said YES and its intensive firming range but quite oily. I don't mind trying this range haha )
- 3 lip glosses
- 1 dual lipstick

Hope the store has these items.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My Current Dior Lippies Collection

These are my Dior lippies

Ultra gloss reflect 687



Lip maximizer collagen activ 

Swatches of the lippies arranged according to the lip glosses order as above 

Dior Rouge 233 beige cinephile beige movie

Lip glow color reviver balm SPF10

Swatches of the lippies arranged according to the lippes order as above 


Dior Addicted high shine 466 rose dressing pink costume

Dior 340 Pink dentelle

Dior 530 Bobo

Dior 313 30.montaigne

Swatches of the lippies arranged according to the lippies order as above 

3 days trial of Nature Republic Men Sunscreen & Liquid Foundation

1st Day Trial

Men Sunscreen
Foundation Shade 13

Nature Republic Men sunscreen: Beige in color & cream in texture rather than the normal sunscreens which are milky type lotion. This made me think that this sunscreen can pass off as a BB cream (definitely does not have BB cream benefits) or tinted moisturiser ( can use loose powder to set it).

Btw, i am a MAC NC20 gal. It does blend well with my skin tone and has quite a good coverage on concealing my pores. Now i know why The Nuature Republic SA told me that some guys had feed backed to her that afetr using the sunscreen, they felt like that they were wearing foundation on their faces haha.. .
The Homme Range has a strong men frangance that's why my sis skipped this as she cant stand the fragnance. The fragnance faint away after awhile.

i wan wondering whether i should use the foundation after using the sunscreen as i was satisfied with the coverage. But in the end, i still used the foundation shade 13. The foundation is cream in texture. It took me awhile to blend onto my face. I was ok with the coverage of the foundation. It made my face abit glowy. It has a strong floral frangance too. But i realised that i could see my pores abit which i think i had over put the makeup on my face as the sunscreen is cream in texture too. I was worried that my pores would be clooted at the end of the day. I wore for 3 hours and had been tapping my face with tissue. My face makeup didn't fade at all. I felt abit greasy on my face.

2nd Day Trial

I wore the sunscreen and met my friend. We went outdoor for few hours. I could feel the greasiness after almost 2 hours as the weather on that day was extremely hot! I kept tapping my face with tissue. I only checked on my makeup after 6 hours as we went to wisma to meet my sis for Holika Holika Hual :). My sunscreen coverage was still there ! I think this sunscreen is not bad after all except i dont like the greasy feeling.

3rd Day Trial

I wore the foundation to work. I didn't use the sunscreen. The coverage was there so was the glowy effect on my face. Coverage was still okay even though i sweated during the working hours.  Greasy feeling was there too. I will still use this product but definitely it's not my favourite one.

Btw, i tried to use etude house mild bubble foam to wash away foundation but it failed. I had to use etude house bb powder cleansing foam to remove. As for the sunscreen, i could use the mild bubble foam to remove.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Holika Holika Haul Part 2

Just came back from Holika Holika @ Wisma Atrium Orchard. My sis & I just realised that if the total purchase is $250 & above, the customer will entitle to 20% off. We complained to the cashier that our first buy in March din entitle to 20%.

Anyway, my sis & I will plan to purchase $250 each time for our haul to get the 20% off.
So today what did I buy? I bought the green apple serie skincare. It's the peeling series. I bought a toner & an essence.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

My 1st Trial of Naruko Job's Tear Whitening and Cooling Night Jelly

I did an overnight mask using this baby. I was quite worried that there will be a major outbreak after using it overnite. cos i always have this problem using overnight gels.

Well, i am happy to say that i only have 2 pimples poping out after using it. I am not sad haha cos i can finally use an overnight gel without any major outbreak. After washing my face, i could see that my face brightened up about 40% which i am super happy and satisfied with the performance of this baby. Just an application !
I will definitely use it alternatively with Nature Republic night overnight serum.

I like the texture of the Naruko gel. I scooped 2 spatula sizes and spreaded over my face. Its light in texture however its takes awhile to massage everything onto my face compare to the Nature Republic night serum 2 pumps size. It feels light on my face as though that i am not applying it at all. No greasy feeling! Just matte and comfortable on my face even when i slept and sweated abit. I totally forgot that i was using it when i woke up in the morning haha..

Will continue to use this mask and will be buying some more range of Naruko products to review !

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Taiwan Haul from Rainbow Mart Singapore (Part 2)

I always want to try Naruko overnight gels. So i decided on getting this for whitening purpose.

List of ingredients

Directions but shown in chinese words :(

How the jar look like

English info on the product.

The gel is whitish and translucent. It comes with a spatula for hygiene purpose. Don't need to use finger to scoop out the gel !

Apply a small amount. It is quite cooling and hydrating. Light in texture which is good as i hate greasiness on my face after one night of sleep esp when the weather is so warm and i sweat. Btw, the scent is strong but i still can take it. It smells more like herbal to me
I will do a review once i try it tonight. Not sure if there will be any breakout after a night's sleep. Hope it will be different from those overnight gels which i used before.

This is the product info which i took from rainbowmart website:

Naruko - Job’s Tears Whitening and Cooling Night Gelly

  • Size: 60ml.

  • Soothes the skin with hydration and repairs the damages from UV rays exposure.

  • Usage: Apply at night after routine skincare process. Massage on face and neck.

  • Recommended by Nu Ren Wo Zui Da 女人我最大.

  • I must thank her as she gave me a free beauty DIY Rose HA hydrating Mask. Will buy some more from her if the naruko overnight gel does not give me any breakout.

    My Taiwan Haul from Rainbow Mart Singapore (Part 1)

    I went out in the morning to collect my parcel from singpost. Waited for them so long.

    here they are !

    @ Nature Skin performance - chamomile & tranexamic acid ultra soothing whitening essence

    Directions and Product info on the packaging
    Pumping application

    Another Product info found on the packaging
    1 pump size
    How hydrating the serum is! Easy to spread and a pump is enough for 1x application. It has a flower scent which i believe is the chamomile. I tried it after i did my cleansing and toning. It does whiten my face after applying. Quite a surprise as i dont expect to see the whitening effect after one usage. I had a nap just now. I woke up and checked that there is no breakout or rashes luckily. I will continue to use it rather than using the etude house vitamin C whitening serum !


    Why try a BB cream? (featured in Women's Weekly Singapore May Issue)

    I like to share this article with you as i think BB cream does help in improving our skin conditions if u pick up a good one in the market.

    Korean shops in singapore carry many ranges of their BB creams. Well as for me, i did try quite a number of the BB creams except Tony Moly. I used to purchase skin79 from ebay singapore few years back before it becomes so popular in asia. Personally, i like skin79 bb creams in foundation rather than the bb cream in pact powder types. I will do a review on skin79 sun pact bb cream soon.

    Let's see what the Bb cream article in women's weekly mentioned about the new Bb creams :)

    General info:

    Orginating in Germany in the 196.0's, the BB cream was created by dermatologist Dr Christine Schrammek for treating patients after laser skin surgery. soon the bebefits of the balm to suffers of othe skin conditions became apparent. And before long, it was picked up by clever koreans who made it their own by adding even more benefits specifically for Asian women.

    Having a bb cream in your beauty bag fulfils a range of purpose:

    - use as a tinted moisturising base under a foundation or used all on its solo as a light foundation
    - latest bb creams contain skin repairing ingredients and can whiten brighten & protect against further sun  damage with UV protectors.
    - Plus they help even out in skin tone, improve texture & give you a glow.

    BB creams recommended and featured in the article

    From Left top:

     1) Clinique age defense bb cream SPF 30/PA +++ -NEW!  previously only sold in airports will soon be available islandwide

    2) The Body Shop's Moisture White Shiso  BB cream SPF25 / PA +++, $32.90 - has a revamped formula comprising antioxidant shiso leaf that's high in vitamin A & C. It's hydrating too unlike other bb creams!

    3) Bio essence Multi Effect BB cream SPF 25 PA +++, $32 - a multi tasker which nourishes, hydrates and whitens skin.

    4) Laneige Snow BB cream SPF 41 PA++, $49 - contains liquid crystal essence which helps skin retain moisture

    From rigt top:

    1) the Face shop skin plumping Flebeaute Collagenic Bb cream, $33.90 - one of the most popular faceshop bb cream.

    2) Beloved One Melasheep Whitening Blemish Balm Cream, $50.30 - NEW! a best selling cosmeceutical range in Taiwan, Hongkong & china and is now available in Sephora. It has Job's tear for hydrating and rosehip to repair.

    3) Bobbi Brown's BB creme SPF35 PA+++, $50 - has reflective pearls to give skin a fresh glow and cafferine to reduce redness.

    4) DiorSnow UV Shield BB creme SPF 50 PA+++, $79 - NEW! Promising instant balance. It was formulated specifically for asian skin.

    My first Trial of Nature Republic Nightsolution Overnight Peeling Serum


    I applied 2 pumps of this serum around 10pm. Now it's almost 3am. I checked my face just now. No rashes or any outbreak. I touched my face and it's smooth and i dont feel that i have put any overnight mask at all.

    For korean overnight gels or Bio essence one, i always have pimples or rashes popping out next day. I hate it! I also don't like the feeling of having the gel on my face when i am sleeping esp warm nights when i sweat and my face feels greasing!. That is why i decided to use it rather that getting Nature Republic overnight gels. haha it's better to be safe! Cos if i get the gel type and i have rashes on the next morning, i will pass to my sis! haha

    Serums are easily absorbed into the skin. That's why i dare to use 2 pumps and apply on my face for my 1st trial. The texture of this overnight serum is light and i spread over my face using 2 pumps. Easy to spread and absorbed. Nice scent. No greasing feeling when i was sleeping just now. Woke up due to the warm weather.
    Thats why i am blogging now :). Will continue to use it 3x per week :). Worth buyig as it costs SGD 20.60

    Btw, in the past i did ask the SAs about overnight gels. She told me if i have pimples poping out, it may mean that i don't cleanse my face well. So i cleansed my face, scrubbed my face and used toners alot then i tried the overnight gels yet i still got pimples the next mornings!!

    Think i use the overnight gels as a mask. I can leave it on my face for 30mins or an hour and rinse off before i sleep. Must find ways on how to use up the products. If not, my sis will benefit cos i will pass them to her. Envy her cos she always can use the products which i cant use. She does not have problem using overnight masks at all !!

    Update @ 7am: I woke up and checked the mirror again haha.. No breakouts or rashes appear. Washed my face and could see that my face brightened abit under the light ! Skin is smooth too..

    My Verdict:

    Worth buying and use often. Wont regret buying it!

    Love to be a Backup

    Haha.. I always like to backup some products esp when i bought things online. I do backup on elf cosmetics esp my favourite items. Below are some random products which i backup.


    elf studio makeup brush

    Concealer, studio eye primer, elf liquid lipstick, elf mineral infused face primer


    high defination powder

    Friday, 22 April 2011

    My lazy Day's light Makeup Routine

    When I overslept, having Monday blues or lazy to put full makeup, I will use mainly these babies to perk mi up.

    Face: after skincare, I use sunscreen like diamond sun protection balm moist from Skin79, elf tinted moisturizer SPF followed by Dior bb cream, loose powder or elf clarifying pressed powder.

    Lips: elf liquid lipstick( in maple sugar, baby lips), bourgeois effet 3D lipgloss, bonne bell lipshakes, smackers kiss of color, tinted lipbalm like étude house miss tangerine, milk screw & étude house apricot stick, Majolica Majorca honey pump gloss neo BE248, MAC lip balm tendertone. Or any nude lipstick which I can grab n go haha

    I just want to cover my pimple marks and look presentable when I go to work :)

    Showing some products which i use on my lazy day :) 

    What products am i planning to try?

    1) Korean Products reviews

    - Nature Republic

    * will be trying the overnite serum tonite. Wan to see if the overnite serum works or not :)
    * will be using the men sunscreen together with the foundation tomo when i am going out. (will review once i use them for a week or more using either one of them or both together)

    Holika Holika

    * will be trying them around May. They are the bb cream, mascara & makeup base which i posted on my holika holika post.

    2) Taiwan Products Review

    * will be collecting my taiwan products from singpost tomo morn. Will do the reviews after a week or more usage once i use them as they are skincare products. Will post the pictures of them first.


    Review of Rosebaking scrub wash


    How the powder scrub look like.

    After adding water to it, i lathered it
    I just tried the scrub wash after i reached home. I just could not wait to try this new baby and did a review on it.

    So far, i don't remember i have bought a powder scrub before. I did bought Fancl powder cleansing before.

    The scrub powder is fine and white in color. When i added water to it, then i realized that the powder was quite rough. Could feel the scrubbing effect when i massaged onto my face. I added some water onto my face, it lathered much more. After washing off, my face looked clearer and brightened up. I used my toner after it and i did not feel any sting on my face. That meant that the scrub was gentle enough without over scrubing my face. Simply love this scrub. Another advantage is i can control the amount which i need to use per time.

    My 2nd Nature Republic Haul

    Just back from Nature Republic at Jurong Point. Bought some stuff which i would like to try out.
    This is my haul

    1) Overnight peeling smoother : sleeping peeling serum that revitalizes skin overnight

    Directions: After cleansing, appl toner. Gently spread a fair amount over face. Apply before bedtime and leave on overnight. Rinse thoroughly with warm water next day. Use 2 -3x per week for best result.

    Bottle Pic
    Pumping type
    Serum Pic. Tried on my hand. Light in texture and spread easily on my hand. Nice scent.

    2) Peeling esthe Rosebaking scrub wash : serum absorbing cleansing scrub wash made with natural baking soda.

    Product Pic
    Directions: Add warm water & work into a rich lather. Gently massage on face & wash thoroughly with warm water.

    3) Man in blue homme cover lotion SPF 20: sunscreen for men

    Directions: After skincare. Gently spread over face
    Disperse on my hand. Good coverage as i tried it on my face at the store. Tinted type.

    4) EAU de Shine Extreme Fitting Foundation SPF 25 : Shade 13 Light Beige. Effectively conceal wrinkles & blemishes while providing long lasting protection against UV rays

    Indicate the shade 13 on the seal
    Directions: Apply a fair amount over face with cotton pad or fingers.
    Pump applicator
    How the foundation look like. Tried at the store. It blended well onto my face.

    5) age slick Dual secret lip color & gloss (02 Rasberry Pink): high gloss melting lipstick & moist volume lip[ gloss dou

    Shade 02
    Left: gloss & right: lipstick
    Lipstick color
    lipgloss color

    Swatch of lipcolor & gloss
    wearing them on my lips