Saturday, 24 December 2011

Review on Lunasol Gel Eyeliner 01 Deep Black

I got this eyeliner during the kanebo sale. I simply like how the gel texture is. Its soft & smooth and easy to apply. It dries fast too. It comes with a retractable eyeliner brush. The brush is small and has a round tip which allows me to apply the gel very near to my lashes and it takes me less than a minute to line my lashes. The black color is intense just like the MAC fluid black track. Its a waterproof eyeliner so you need to use a waterproof makeup remover to remove it.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Kanebo Sale Haul

My sis went on 21st dec to cozycot n helped mi to buy kate n lunasol items.

She got for mi: 3 x kate UV makebase in gel (easy to blend and absorded into the skin instantly! no greasiness), 2 x kate lipglosses, 4 retractable Kate eyeliners in black, gold, white n purple, 2 x retractable holder, Kate eye shadow, kate gel eyeshadow, Lunasol gel eyeliner & Lunasol liquid eyeliner. All of these only costed mi $74 :)

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Haul of foundations

These are the foundations which I bought them during the sales.

Left: Loreal RevitaLift liquid foundation SPF20/PA++ @ $15.90 (50% off from Mustafa)

Beaute de Kose Sensational White liquid makeup SPF23/PA++ @ $20 (from Kose warehouse sale)

Bourjois Healthy Mix Liquid Foundation@ $22.08 ( from Metro members sale 20%+20%)

Lastly Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup liquid foundation SPF10 @ $44.80 (Metro members sale 20%)

Monday, 12 December 2011

KOSE Eye Color Classure A-1

Bought it @ $14. Only saw this color in the range. It's a cream to powder type e/s.

ESPRIQUE Precious Dual Gradation Eyes #004

Only chose this color among the collection. My sis got 2 other colors. Selling @ $14 each at the sale

ESPRIQUE Precious Single Eye Shadows

Only picked up these 2 dark e/s during KOSE warehouse sale. The colors are BL 911 metallic blue green with fine glitters n BL 912 metallic blue with fine glitters.
BL 912 has better color payoff.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Picture of Fasio BE 300 & 866

Bought them at KOSE warehouse sale too.

866 Camelia pink is a nude creamy pink lipstick @ $4 while BE 300 is a nude brown lipgloss @ $5.

Pictures of Kose lipstick Classure

Lipstick Classure in BE 300 Beyond Ivory @ $13

The color is nude brown

Picture of my Xmas Nails

Pretty?! Chose black to match my Burberry spec :)

Pictures of Kose Lipstick Fantasist PK 883

Lipstick Fantasist PK 883 Stunning Pink @ $10.

Unable to show how pinkish the color is. Sorry

Pictures of Kose Lipstick BE 353

1) Beaute de Kose lipstick glossy type BE 353 Seashell Beige @$10

My iPhone is unable to see how light the brown is :(.

Dior & Kose Ware house Sales

Went to Dior & Kose on 9/12/2011 at Great World City Office building. Happened to see the Kose ware house sale notice when reached there.

My sis n I were super happy bcos of 2 warehouse sales.

Waited for Dior to open ard 9.20am. I was the 1st one to enter but mostly cosmetics were sold out on 8/12.

I happened to grab Dior's Limited edition Blue-Tier @ $45 only.

My sis took one each of the remaining cosmetic like eye palettes n few lipstick. Also got Dior perfume 100ml for $70.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

My Wishlist for 2011 Xmas

1) Dior BB cream $79 - Bought and its my 2nd tube :). Simply love the glowing effect on my face

2) Dior Eyeliner $34 - Bought but not yet used

3) Kose Xmas set, Lipgloss set $85 - comes in pink lipgloss, A-1 blusher (exchanged with my sis for the makeup base) & eyeshadow plattete

4) Ettusias BB Cream, $38 - pending to purchase with my sis

My wishlist for spring 2012

I am simply fall in love with Dior Spring 2012 Collection

Are they stylish & beautiful?  My top choice !

Look at the rose patterns and how lovely the colours are !

 Dior blush

Nail polishes Colors!

These are the photos that i have taken from britishbeautyblogger.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

LUCIDO-L Hair Make Supplement

This advert caught my eyes as the products are applied at night after shampooing.

I went to Watson n got the pink bottle which is meant for straight hair. The orange bottle is meant for curly. It costs $15.90.

I start with 2 pumps of the treatment oil and spread evenly on my hair roots. It has a nice fragrance. What I don't like is the oil's texture esp if I have to sleep with it on my hair. Feels oily at first but in the morning the oil does disappear. You mind think the oil has been absorbed onto my pillow casing. I din touch my pillow n only found abit oily only. My hair does not tangled n feel silky.

I decided to try to apply it in the morning before I go to work. It's moisturizing and I can skip my conditioner haha.. After few hours, the oil does disappear but i realise that my hair ends seem to be loosen in terms of frizzy !! I have no idea why it happens. Maybe due to my hair!!

So I will apply it at nite a few hours b4 I sleep. Then by the time I wan to sleep I don't feel the oiliness and can sleep comfortably. I do wash my hair in the morn.

ZA Total hydration Series Hydrating Gel

I have been using it for a week.

First time, I squeezed quite a amount like a 20cent coin size. As I thought since it does not make my face feel sticky due to its formula. I am wrong! It does!! Too much is not a good thing haha. The gel is quite thick in texture compare to my nature republic Hydrating gel. Nature republic one is quite watery in texture.

My second trial, I squeezed a 10cent coin size and applied slowly and evenly on my face. I added some more when I feel that some parts of my face required more due to dryness. So I don't feel any greasiness at all.

Therefore I have been using it day n night as a moisturizer. My face does not have any breakout so far. Even when I sweat, I don't have that kind of feeling that the gel is not well absorbed and I can use a tissue paper to clean off together with my sweat. ( not sure whether u can understand what I am trying to say haha)

Last nite, i use bb cream after applying it. It does make the blending of bb cream more easier. No patches and no breakout after I remove my makeup.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Fancl White Christmas Gift Set

I went to Fancl with my sis last week.  I bought the whitening set @ $33. Super worth as there are 2 bottles of whitening drinks & 2 pieces of whitening mask (full sized). Plus 6 sachets of whitening essence for 6 days use.

How the set look like

Items inside the set

Sample size of whitening essence

Instruction found behind the whitening mask
So far, i only tried the whitening mask. The quality of tghe mask is good and big enough to cover my whole face.

One good thing is that it covers my eyes too. Whitening my eye areas. The mask is well soaked inside the packet but no excess liquid inside to apply for my body haha .. Dont feel sticky or greasiness after i removed my mask. My face does lighten up after one application.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Za Total Hydration Series (New launch)

I went to West mall Watson and saw the new Za Total Hydration series. The price range from $9.90 - $14.
This series comes in small bottles compare to their old ranges.

These pictures are taken from Za website. Please surf the website if you are interested in trying them out.



Moisturizing gel 50g
Moisture charge in just 10 seconds! Amino mineral complex instantly restores flaky, stichy skin to create porcalain-smooth skin.

I bought this only to try out. Will review it asap ;)

My D&D Full Blings Nails by Twinkle nailz