Monday, 24 September 2012

Which bb cream i am using often nowadays?

I just bought Loreal Nude Magique BB cream from guardian. I am quite happy with the cream.

The tube squeezes out a white, grainy liquid which blend well onto my skin. It matches my skin tone. It gives quite a dry n matte finish on my skin. No stickness left on my face after blending it. The coverage is not that much compare to the other BB creams in the market. It manages to even out my complexion but cant cover my pimple scars or redness well.

I always powder my face after using it. I like the effect of this BB cream as a makeup base rather than using it by itself. I think its a must to apply a moisturiser before using this BB cream as it is not that hydrating.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Another Daiso Eyeshadow Haul

Went to Bukit Panjang Plaza n got 2 eyeshadows.

3 matte n 3 shimmer eyeshadow colors each

Shimmer white cream eyeshadow color

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Sunday, 9 September 2012

DASIO WL Lame eyeshadow in Gray

Dasio carries 2 colors in this range. The other color is blue. I prefer this gray shade.

The white color is not so pigmented compared to the other 2 colors. There is a small mirror inside the casing.

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DASIO Pearl in Eye Shadow in Natural Brown

Dasio has only one color for this range. I swatched n colors r pigmented! . Nice colors

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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Daiso Crystal Cream Eyecolor in Cocoa

There are 3 colors in this range. There is yellow (creamy color), purple n cocoa (brown color). I bought the cocoa one.

There is extra casing which has a green jewel stone at the centre. Its made in plastic n the casing is quite shiny by itself. Each color has its own jewel color if i am not wrong.

The cream eyeshadow is quite hard unlike the other creamy shadows which i have. The color is quite shimmery. It really has gd standing power. I need to use a makeup remover to remove it. A few layers will show high pigment.

Think its quite worth to buy n try it out.

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Singapore Daiso Eyeshadow Haul

I went to Dasio IMM n had a surprise. The store carries eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyeliners! !.

I only take 1 pic of the eyeshadow rack only.

Below is the haul pics:

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Friday, 29 June 2012

My Acrylic Nail Extensions

Currently i am going to shirley for my bling bling nails. I love her designs and her skills. See how pretty my nails are

Monday, 11 June 2012

My Relvon Haul

Went to Watson with my sis few weeks ago. There was a Revlon promotion of buy 2 get 1 free. This promotion is still on currently. The free product is the one with the lowest price.

We chose the Revlon PhotoReady™ Makeup (liquid foundation.)

Revlon PhotoReady™ Makeup - for poreless, airbrushed skin in any light. Photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to erase every flaw. Complete, yet undetectable coverage. Soft, luminous finish.

- Oil free
- Fragrance free
- SPF 20

The free product is Revlon PhotoReady™ Perfecting Primer

Revlon’s NEW primers are lightweight primers that soften skin and diffuse light to help minimize flaws and even out skin texture. It creates a perfect canvas so that your foundation will glide on more evenly and smoothly. Primers can be worn alone or under foundation, and are oil free, talc free, fragrance free, paraben free.

- Try Revlon PhotoReady™ Perfecting Primer to soften skin, reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines, and smooth skin texture and tone.

The pictures and infos are taken from Revlon website.

So far, i have used them together for one time. The primer is light and easy to blend. It does cover my pores well. The foundation is light and easy to blend too. However, i find the coverage to be light - middle as i still can see some acne scars on my face. It has slight shimmer effect on my face. To improve the coverage, i use a loose powder. No break out of pimples at the end of the day. I will try to use them often if i can as the weather is so hot nowadays :(.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Baby Skin Collagen Hand Mask

Today is my second time using it too. I used a pair last night together with the foot mask. :)

I did notice that after doing the hand and foot masks, my hands and feet felt more moisturised and softer.

The vinyl gloves are not able to secure therefore its best to minimise any hand movement

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Baby Skin Collagen Foot Mask

I am currently helping my sis to clear her Baby Skin Collagen Foot Masks they are about to expire in few more months.

I am using it for 2 days. I used a pair last night before i went to bed. Therefore i did not take any pictures. So i am using my second set now. N i took pictures :).

The foot masks are just like our normal socks design. Low cut and it is super mositurising. U can feel the wetness inside the mask. U need to put on the vinyl socks given and u have to walk carefully as the vinyl socks tend to come out easily. Therefore it is best if u sit on your sofa or lying on your bed to minimise any movement. Now I am sitting on my sofa and enjoying my foot spa. I walked around last night and the vinyl socks came out. Therefore i prefer not to move today.

The product pictures

The third picture show 2 compartments. One is for the foot mask while the other is for the vinyl mask.

Wearing the foot mask

Wearing the vinyl socks over the foot spa. U can see that the socks are not able to secure therefore it is best to minimise any movement.

My sister advised mi to put moisturiser about i have done the mask. She felt that by doing that, the feet will be more softer and moisturised compare to w/o using. Be the way, the instruction given on the product is not to wash your feet after using the mask. Therefore it is up to individual to use a moisturiser after that.

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