Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Review of Dior Total Capture Compact

Product info from Dior Website


Capture Totale  Compact  is the first compact "cream-infused" foundation by Dior to combine the spectacular smoothing effect of a long-staying powder with the global anti-age effectiveness of Capture Totale Cream. The extremely smooth and high-level comfort  powder texture blends into the skin without showing up wrinkles. Enriched with the new  Youth Polish™ Complex, Capture Totale Compact immediately plumps and smooths out wrinkles whilst boosting the skin's luminosity. Moreover, enriched with Longoza-Cellular™ Complex essence, CAPTURE TOTALE COMPACT has a daily corrective action on all visible signs of ageing, boosting deep and lasting radiance with each application.
91% of women find that their wrinkles and fine lines are instantly smoothed*.
97% of women find that the complexion's luminosity is immediately boosted.*
*Questionnaire-based self-evaluation,  n=32 women, evaluation carried out just after application of the foundation.

My personal review:

I used it on last sunday and fall in love with it. I use Dior powder foundation brush to apply as i wan to try out the brush too. The brush manage to pick up a fine amount of powder and i applied it on my face. No falling of the powder occurred. The powder blended smoothly onto my face. Surprisingly, even though i over applied abit on my face, my face showed no caking effect. The face looked smoothly & radiant instantly.

The coverage is good after 8 hours. Still flawless and smooth :). Super love it !!  It will be in my list of fav foundations.

I even recommended it to my colleague. The pics above are belonged to her. I am using shade 023 while she is using shade 030. She is a malay gal and this shade is closely to her skin tone among all the Dior powder foundations. The refill costs $80 while the compact with powder costs $110. She loves the coverage and the fine texture too as she told me that she cant feel that she is wearing the foundation on her face as it looks natural.

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