Friday, 24 June 2011

My 1st OPI Shatter

Went to BHG & got the OPI Black shatter @ $18.60 after 20% less. I applied it over my ZOYA Orange nail polish.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

New SUNSILK Weather Defense Range

This product range has been launched @ Watson. I went & got the Shield & Shine Serum @ $8.20.

In this range, there are Shampoo, conditioner, leave on conditioner too.

I used this product for few days. The serum is not that oily and easy to spread over my hair.

The problem is my hair on top of my head dont tame down at all. Still frizzy no matter how much i apply the serum...

The bottom part of my hair is not frizzy after applying the serum. Maybe it is my hair problem !!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

1 Day Trial of Biore AQUA Rich SPF 30 PA+++

This is a UV gel for Face & Body. It has moisture lock protection. UV block with high moisture
content. Feels cool & fresh!

Product info found on the packaging:

Superior Double UV Block - provides effective UV protection against skin aging UVA rays & skin-burning UVB rays

Light & Refreshing As Water - unique moisture-lock formula with high moisture content leaves skin feeling cool, fresh & comfortable w/o any stickiness.

Hydrates & soften Skin - contains moisturizing ingredients, hyaluronic acid & citrus essence* to keep skin hydrated & healthy.
* extracts of orange, grapefruit & lemon

. Mild fresh fruity fragrance
. Spreads easily & absorbs instantly
. Allergy tested

Usage : apply evenly on face after moisturizer & before applying makeup. For best results, reapply after excessive perspiration. Like all sunscreens, cleanse product off thoroughly using a makeup remover.

I tried the aqua gel today. Totally impressed that it is so watery & easily to spread on my face. Totally no greasy & oily after sweating. I don't even remember that I was using it today. No breakout after a day. Fragrance is mild.

I used it as a makeup base today. It blended well with my liquid foundation. Smooth coverage and i didn't feel stickness on my face even i sweated this morning. I aslo applied it on my arms. No stickness too.

Sunscreen Reviews Coming Up

Just went to Watsons to purchase my Biore UV Aqua Jelly sunscreen @ $18.90 & Loreal De UVP Moisture Sunscreen @ $18.30.

The reasons why I get these 2 as I tend to have some breakouts when I am using my current sunscreens & I prefer non greasy type of sunscreens as I have sensitive skin n priop to breakouts super fast.

Will start to use them asap.

Friday, 17 June 2011

My 1st Mini Curling Iron & Flat Iron

I bought this Mini from a shop @ NEXX. Its now sale now. I got it @ $20.30. U.P is $29.00.

I prefer this rather than the normal ones as it has more designs to choose, light & small. The salegal did a straighening demo using my hair with the normal one. I was impressed by how shiny, smooth & straight my hair was. It has few models too. The prices are from $50 and above.

I didnt try out the mini one at the shop. I tried it at home. It gets warm up very fast. I need to repeat a few times on a same straps of hair. The normal one requires 1x. Mini one has only 1 heat temperature when i turn it on. The normal has a few heatings temperatures to choose from.

After straightening my hair, i showed to my sister. She said my hair was quite straight. Worth to buy the mini one :).


Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Bronze mettle : FAKE, DON'T BAKE, with mineral foundations, bronzers & cream blushers.

GUERLAIN - Terracotta light summer bronzing powder in 01 Blonde Halees, $70 ( EASY PEASY: if you're using bronzer for the 1st time, pick the lightest shade available, building colour if necessary)
SONIA RYKIEL - creamy cheek color in 03, price unavailable

POP - sun bronzer in Sunlit, $38
DIORSKIN - nude glow healthy glow complexion in enhancer in 001, $56
LUNASOL - Cream cheeks in light beige, $45
SONIA RYKIEL - voluptous lip gloss in 04, price unavailable

SHISEIDO - perfect bronzer in light clair, $55
HOURGLASS - prodigy hydrating lip gloss in Ingenue, $ 39


Lip service : Get a super luscious Mod-inspired pout with glossy peach & nude lips

CHANEL - brilliant extreme glossimer in 267 Pink Peony, $40
REVLON - colorburst lipgloss in Sunset Peach, $19.90 

FANCL - lip gloss in 11 Milky beige, $24.50
DHC Moisture Care liquid lipcolor in BE03, $34.50
DIORADDICT - lip Maximiser high volume lip plumper in 002 Apricot, $43 (EASY PEASY: Want to add plumpness to your pout? Apply this before lip gloss to pump up the volume.)

ANNA SUI - lip gloss C in 701, $33

Shatter By OPI

Monday, 13 June 2011

Face Roller

I just bought a face roller from a shop @ toa payoh. It costs 9.90.

I always want to get one n $9.90 for a piece is not that expensive for a roller with 2 small "wheels" on each side.

I went online to search how to use the roller. Some advices I got are :

1) roll on your cleansed face for 10 mins daily. More than 10 mins will cause outbreaks... Scary

2) use any slimming cream or serum to achieve better results. For me, I am using nature republic firming serum which I like. I may switch to clarins face slimming or Haba slimming serum as I saw reviews saying the results are good n even u stop using it, the face won't bloat back again.

3) start the massage from chin to the centre of your face. Remove then start again from your chin.Don't roll up n down as your skin will sag as the time goes.

Will review after a week if my face really slim down abit

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Likes & Dislikes of Cezanne BB Cream

I have been using this product since I bought it. This is my first Cezanne product.

It is a Japanese Brand which offer makeup n skincare products. It has its own website. You can see more products in the website. The products are described in ful details which offers the consumers more info n whether the products are worth to try out.

The guardian carry the brand in Singapore. I bought my BB cream from Lot 1 counter. Lot 1 does not carry the full range. I saw the full range of products in Guardian @ Suntec, IMM & PS.

The bb cream comes in 2 colours, 01 light Orche & 02 Orche. It has functions of essence, milk SPF, Makeup base & foundation. It can be applied after u have applied your moisturizer. What caught my eyes is I can just use any normal cleanser to remove it at the end of the day.

I bought 01 as 02 is dark for me. I tried it out on my neck before I purchased it.
When I started to use it, I found that my face looked whiter than my neck. It blended well on my face yet my face looked a bit cakey. I found it quite strange. I used it by itself and after my makeup bases. I still got the cakey look.

However, its coverage is quite good as I sweat alot yet the foundation hardly fade after half a day. N it looks much more natural after few hours. I did not even touch up my face @ all. I used my normal cleansers to remove it. No makeup remover is required.

That's why till now, I still can't decide whether I like the product or hate it !!

Coverage is definitely good. Easy to wash off with normal cleansers. Easy to blend on my face as it's soft n light in cream form.

Hate the cakey look n it does not give a natural look when I first applied it. I need to wait for few hours in order to get the natural look.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Get Matte, get Even products featured on Cleo June

According to TNS, Research International, close to half of Singaporeans have oily skin $ combination skin, & suffer from recurring acne problems. Say hello to clear skin with Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care, $39.

It might use 3 types of acids for a peeling effect but it's not harsh at all. In fact, it leaves a feeling soft & velvety.

Garnier Pure 3 in 1 Wash+Scrub+Mask, $14.90

It's an all in one solution that combats blemishes, blackheads & oily skin. it's enriched with minerals to regulate sebum production, pumice stone to exfoliate & white clay to absorb excess sebum.

** I have tried the garnier product. It is not that harsh on combination skin but if use daily, I found it quite dry for my skin after 3 days of 2x per day. I will only use it when my period comes as my face will be very oily.

New Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Pure-mild Sunblock Lotion SPF50+

100% naturally sourced, non chemical sunscreen ingredients.

Our Purescreen technology is clinically proven to be safe on delicate, sensitive skin while effectively shielding it from skin-damaging UVA/UVB.

Strong protection with an extra gentle touch.
Now that's healthy beauty.

Waterproof, fragrance free for delicate, sensitive skin suitable for face & body.
Dermatologist Tested.

I saw this advertisement on Cleo June Issue