Sunday, 29 May 2011

Watson Haul

Just bought beautymate whitening mask n my sis bought snow white set from my beauty dairy ( limited set).

There are 3 sets of the snow white. Inside each box, there are 15 standard facial mask. The only difference is the 2 pieces of mask which are free. The 2 pieces are the same type & they come in whitening, moisturizing or firming. You can differentiate by the box color. My sis got the blue one which has the moiturising ones. The price is the same for the 3 boxes. $23.90 for 15 + 2.

I got beautymate whitening box @ 15.90 before 20% less. I like beautymate more as the size of the mask is bigger n the material is thick n soft. Think I will only get my beauty dairy when Watson, guardian or SaSa start to sell the hello kitty range. Hope this set will be in soon ..

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Beautymate Acne mask Review

I did this mask on Thursday night. My pimples are so hard to get rid of. Oxy 10, tea tree oil, clearsil do not work at all!! I am so desperate but I have to live with them till they disappear by themselves. Will it happen?

Beautymate acne mask is very wet as it is well soaked with essense. The mask is bigger than almost all the ones which I have tried out. I don't need to stretch the mask to fit my face. The mask material is good n soft. My big pimples did get a bit less redness than before.

I asked my sis on her view. She likes it too as in term of the essence & the effects of the beautymate masks which she tried. So far, she has not review on her masks on her blog.

I will try the other beautymate marks n review it soon.

Sexylook & LUS facial masks haul from

My sis & I shared the haul. We bought 4 types of sexylook. They are Super moisturizing Duo lifting mask ( green), Ultra whitening Duo lifting ( blue), Rejuvenating Duo lifting (gold) & Intensive firming Duo lifting (pink). Secretive is selling them at 6.90/box of 5pcs.

I bought 4 pieces of LUS Korean mask at 60 cents each. Arbutin x 2 & tomato x 2. Arbutus is for skin whitening n brightening while tomato is for mOisturibg & skin brightening.

I did the Arbutin this morning. The mask is very wet n feel confortable while applying it on my face. The mask material is not thin so I din tore it haha.. I don't quite line it's fragrance as I found it abit stronger than others. I do feel that my face is brightened up after using it.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

One of my fav OPI colors

I just love the shade of this blue. Flatter my hands.. Dating a royal ...

Mustafa Haul

One pefume, Metamucil, papaya enzymes & OXY 10

5 Benefits of the drinks. I have been drinking this since last sat.

This is how the powder lools like

I love this perfume. The scent is quite strong . It can last for up to 6 hours. The scent does not turn weird even i sewat alot. It costs only $14.90.

I like the sweet taste of papaya. I have been chewing it as a sweet. I also take it after my meals. Helps in digesting my food.

Its for my super stubborn pimples :(

Masks from My sister

These are the masks which my sis bought. She asked mi to try them out and let her know which are the good ones.

I will try to use them as i am very busy with my work in May. Hope june my workload will reduce abit.. Cross my finger :)

Pictures Of Guardian & Watson Hauls

Beauty Mate Acne Masks, Vichy Slimming Gel & Hadabisei Moisturising Toner Sheet Mask Box

Vichy Slimming Gel targets on lower bottom

Product info of the Toner Sheet

Product Info of the beautymate mask

Monday, 23 May 2011

Guardian & Watson hauls

Went to west mall Watson n Guardian for some facial masks n bodycare items.

Watson is having 20% off on selected items eg makeup ranges n skincare
I bought beautymate acne mask to try out. U.P is $2/pc. Now its 20% off. The range is on 20% off. I also bought a box of toner sheets thanks to my sis. She thought it's a facial mask n now it's 14.90 for 2 boxes.

I just tried the toner mask. Leave it on for 5 - 10 mins. The sheet is quite thin. My sis torn her one haha.. The mask is not that wet compare to our normal facial mask. U can use the sheet like a cotton pad n clean around your face too.

I haven't tried the acne mask yet. Will review once I have tried.

I went to Guardian to get a slimming gel as I am bloated due to my delayed period this month sigh.. I bought Vichy slimming gel which target lower body like waist n thighs. I just tried out. The gel is light green in color n has nice fragrance. I found it quite sticky. Think I will apply it at night rather than in the morning before I go to work. Hope it works n make mi slimmer after 7 days. Will upload the haul pics when I am free :).

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Magazines which I always look forwards monthly

My favorite mags are Cleo, simply her, women weekly n Alexis.
The price ranges are from $4. They are not that thick b heavy compare to other magazines. Always come with free goodies esp Cleo. The most important is u can SMS to win the products featured in the magazaines.

I love the products reviewed, introducing the fashion trends, new makeup n skincare launches cook recipes etc.

I will upload the June issues soon.I just choose the exciting news haha. Please grab a Copy if u wan to have more info about these magazines. :)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

VOV Mini Pack Masks

Hi gals

I tried the VOV mini Charcoal Pack mask and this time it was successful.

The mask took about 30mins to dry. I could peel it off quite easily. I took a peek on the dried mask and could see the whiteheads or blackheads (tiny white things ) sticked onto the mask just like the Biore nose blackhead peel off. (did i say it correctly? haha ) In case there is any sticky pats on the face, please use a wet towel to lightly pat on the part, it will come out quite easily. I use my finger to rub which is not successful and hurt my skin.

My face felt quite dried and there was abit tightness on my cheeks. So i used the VOV honey lemon pack to moisturise my skin.

This is how the mask look like. Yellowish clear gel

I applied it onto my face

I washed off after 10 minutes. My face looked brighter but dont feel moisturied at all.