Sunday, 17 April 2011

Review of Tony Moly tomato brightening mask, Latte Art Cappuccino cream in scrub & Red apple honey cream

My first time using tony moly products. My sis gave mi tomota brightening mask and sample size of Latte Art Cappuccino cream in scrub & Red apple honey cream to try and review.

Step 1) After cleansing my face with etude house mild bubbles foam, i used the Latte Art Cappuccino cream in scrub. I simply love the coffee scent!! the scrub bits is quite big yet when i massaged on my face, i dont feel the scrubs being massaged on my face. I dont feel any dryness on my face too as some scrubs tend to dry up my face after scrubing. My face is smooth!!

Product info from Tony Moly Global Site: Milk protein extract(1%) - providing excellent moisturizing caffeine –accelerates inner body circulation, effective on puffy face Acetyl hexa-peptide 8 – diminishes wrinkles and lines, effects like botox Natural coffee extract– enriched caffeine from coffee seeds Coffee and milk extract removes dead skin and dirt, gives nourishment. For massage and scrub. Apply appropriate amount of cream on skin and gently rub it. When it changes its color, wash off in tepid water ( I don't notice in any color change. Will take note when i use again haha )


This is how the scrub looks like in the package

This is how it looks on my face after using it.

Step 2) After washing off the scrub, i applied the tomato mask. Its a 3 min wash off mask.

Can you see the red beads mixed inside the cream mask?

After 3 mins, the mask dried up abit. I massaged awhile and added water to massage it again. That's how i did as there are red beads inside the mask. I thought it should be for massaging use !! Theers's no english instruction given on the mask except a sticker of 3 min brightening mask. The effect is i can see my face being brightening and very smooth. :) This is temporary brightening. If you want to prolong the brightening, you need to use constantly . Its same for all facial products.

This is how it looked on my face after using.

3) Last step is using red appletox honey cream to my face as moisturiser.

The cream is yellowish/ brownish. Same color as the honey! its a nice scent. I applied it on my face. Its quite thick in texture. Need to massage for awhile in order for the skin to absorb totally. It actually does help in brightening my face more comparing to the brightening effect after using the tomato mask. My skin feels soft too.
Product info from Tony Moly Global Site: This daily skincare cream with active ingredients of apple extract and honey makes the skin smooth and firm. When patting after application, the highly elastic hydrating gel provides a sticky massaging effect and makes the skin silky soft. Malic acid makes the rough skin smooth and Active Honey Complex, which is also called apple honey, makes the skin moist and radiant by continuously supplying nutrition deep into the skin where it lacks nutrition. Used as cream usually, sticky massage in 1~2 a week, provide elasticity on skin.

Therefore, i will purchase these 2 babies in counter size next sunday with my sis!! I like the tomato mask more than etude house vitamin C which i reviewd in my earlier post.

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