Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My foundation rountine

After cleansing, toning n moisturizing my face, I will use a makeup base like beaute de kose makeup base, Anna Sui foundation primer UV or lunasol. This step is important as the makeup base will enhance the foundation or 2 way cake application n protect our skin from foundation which may cause skin allergy or pimples in case the foundation is spoilt.

I alway use 2 way cake to settle my foundation or any bb cream by swipe my loose powder over my face using a brush. Using a sponge may cause the foundation to be cakey on the face as we may pat too much of the powder onto our face.
My current favorite foundations are ZA skin beauty liquid foundation, Paul n Joe light cream foundation, Bourjois healthy mix foundation with fruit therapy and lunasol modeling water liquid foundation. I choose my foundation according to my skin condition. If I feel that my skin is dry, I will use lunasol as it's a water based or bourjois with fruit extracts which provide my face moisture when using it. In case when I have pimples on my face, I will use Dior bb cream or étude house homme bb cream which can cover pimples n help to solve face problems.

As for my 2 way cakes, I am using za powders, Paul n Joe protective dual powder foundation and kose whitening powder.

My morning basic skincare routine

I always wash my face using either a scrub (suitable for daily use like babyface white scrub) or a hydrating face wash like bio essence hydra spa energy cleansing foam. After cleansing, I will use toners like Watson water360• or za true white plus prismizer. Followed by √Čtude house Aqua cure emulsion to boost my skin moisture content before my makeup.

If I wake up too early n there is enough time, I will do a hydrating mask before my makeup :).

I feel that a proper morning basic skincare routine will help the application of makeup to be even and most important thing is that the face won't suffer any major breakout at the end of the day!

My Etude House Skincare

I keep buying Etude house skincare for this month as i tried out the sensitive range moisturiser Pure Joy.

It soothes, reduce the itchness and the redness of my face as i have rashes. I used for a night and the next morning, my face look better. The texture is abit watery and cooling. Easy to apply and absorb into my skin.
The scent is ok.

I also bought the Aqua Cure Emulsion for hydrating purpose. The texture is like water and so cooling. The SA told me that it contains spring or mineral water which boost the moisture when apply on the face. I like the scent too. After i applied on my face, i feel that my skin is hydrated and smooth.

My Favourite Products in March


I am always wanted to post this review but i keep falling sick and too busy running my labs!

1) Dior BB cream $79

Its a pump tube with a capicity of 30ml. My makeup artist told mi to use a foundation brush to apply on my face as to ensure even application. Can use fingers to apply too. the texture is light creamy type.
A tip from my makeup artist: use your hands to cap your face after applying foundation so that the heat from our hands can melt the foundation into our skin and pores wont be that obvious esp if you have big pores.

I like the radient effect on my face. Managed to cover my pimples and pores. Oil control is quite good. i dont have breakouts after using it.

2) Etude Homme BB Cream set $37.90 ( with toner & moisturer sample size)

Its a pump type. The texture is lighter than Dior bb cream. easy application, Matte finish and it gives a very natural look. Oil contol is best. It is a whitening and anti wrinkles bb cream which are similar to the bb creams meant for gals in the market.

3) Beaute de Kose Ultimation Day Serum SPF 20 / PA ++

This is how the serum look like on my hand.

i bought this baby in 2009 but i oly started to use this only on dec last year. it has shimmer effect when i apply it on my face. the shimmer is ok, not overpower. Enhances foundation and makeup as it endows your skin with a reserve of moisture to fight daily stresses, for firm radiant skin.

4) elf Eye Studio Primer

I bought this from the elf website after i read the review. The texture is smooth n creamy in color. Easy to spread on the eye lids and dry up fast. It makes the eyeshadow color to be more obvious or enhance the color. Eyeshadow last longer and hard smear.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Style March 2011 Issue Makeup Trends

I love to buy magazines monthly as i always like to see the makeup trends, new launch of skincare & makeup, reviews and clothes trends etc..

These pictures are taken from Style which introduces the current make up trends.

1st pic shows the Five of the Best On-trend Pink lipsticks by Marianne Wee - Slater

1st Lipstick is Rouge Dior in No. 658, $44 (For every day use) creamy finished and perky, yet not too bold hibiscus pink tone
2nd: Clarins Rouge Hydra Nude in Nude Rose/ No. 1, $35 (Best rosy nude
3rd: Chanel Rouge Allure in Coquette, $44 (Most Flattening) Brighten fair to medium skin tones.
4th: MAC Sheen Supreme in Full Speed, $28 (Most Raucous) Perfect for this season's loud lip trend
5th: Shiseido Shimmering Rouge in PK407, $43 (Best bee stung effect)

Items featured in this page : MAC eyeshadow in Stovepipe black, $37, Bourgois mineral e/s in No 92 & No 11, $19 each, Dior 5 colors designer all in one artistry palette in soft pibk design, $90, Makeup Store in Vertigo, $26
Bourgois little round pot in No.2, $19, Sephora Colorful Duo e/s in Curacao, $25, Estee Lauder pure color 5 color e/s in wild violet,$68       

MAC Jeanius Haul

I went to Lido on Friday night with my friend as we planned to get some MAC.
She bought a primer while i got a Jeanius Lipstick in Pretty Please and a Power Blush in Pink Cult (features in Her World March Issue 2011)

I love these 2 items a lot as the lippy shows a nude pink color while the blush gives out a neutral pink on my cheeks :)

Pictures of the items & lastly the swatch

Pictures of the Haul

Picture of MAC Bared Again

 Picture of MAC Full Speed
 Picture of Dior 313

Swatch of the 3 lipsticks: Bared again, Full speed & Dior 313

Texture of the MAC lippies: Creamy, smooth , rich texture and colours are strong.

Texture of the Dior lippy: Smooth, Shimmer, creamy

Friday, 18 March 2011

My recent Haul

Went to Lido and grabbed

1) MAC Sheen Lipsticks in Bare again (Cream brown)& Full Speed (Frost orange-pink * one of the current trend lipcolors)

2) Wonder Woman Colour Mineralize Skin Finish Pink Power

3) Lastly, Dior Addict Lipstick 313

Will post the actual color of these lipsticks soon.

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