Wednesday, 29 February 2012

China Glaze- Lorelei Tiara

My sis bought 3 China glaze glitters nail polishes for mi. A good buy of 3 bottles for $20..

First up, it's my favorite one. Intense glitter w micro silver glitters n slightly big blue glitters. When u look at the nails, u can see blue n silver glitters.

Use 2 coats and it is very easy to apply as the polish is not thick. This color made my fingers look fairer a lot. Super love it !!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Essence nail polish haul from Watson

Just bought these babies from Watson.

XXXL shine gel-look. Just tried on a nail n my fowl play is instantly shiny. Happier w the result n it cost $3.90 for a bottle of 8ml.

08 ultimate pink, 26 break through (purple color), 72 time for romance (burgundy w shimmers),79 viva la green n 04 space queen ( light shimmer, did try on my nail n can hardly see any shimmer :( ) each costs $2.80 for a bottle of 5ml.

Essie Go Overboard Nail Polish

It's definitely pretty dark teal creme.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Fowl play nail polish swatch from Orly

Bought this from Timtam00. It's a deep purple jelly base w flakes flashed w multi colors like orange yellow green n red. There r abit of small purple flakes too. 3 coats r used in order to achieve the look in the pics. It's similar to elle's spell as they r in jelly base n have multicolored flakes.

Personally I prefer elle's spell more as I am attracted to red. :)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Elle Spell nail polish swatch from Barielle

Bought this from Timtam00. Super good seller who gives you advice in getting polishes :).

Flaky jelly in red color. 3 coats on my nails as I want the polish to look darker :). Think I am really addicted to dark nail polishes.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Wiccy Magic Muscle Massage bar from LUSH soap

It's a spicy, tingly muscle soothing bar with red beans. It costs $20/70g. I share it with my sis as she really wants to try it out for her aching muscles. It smell like a ginger to us ! It really smells like the traditional muscle soothing lotion!! The butter side of the bar melts easily on my balm due to the body heat.

First step is to melt the butter and apply it onto the aching body part n use the red beans side to rub as a massaging tool. However I found the butter to melt more when rubbing the red beans' side on my legs as I was holding the butter inside my balm. In the end, I used my hands to massage my legs and it absorb quite well into my skin. My legs do not ache that badly this morning and will continue to use it nightly. I still can smell the scent when I woke up this morning

The Comforter from LUSH Soap

It's my favorite among all the bubble soaps which carry in Singapore store. A best seller bubble soap. It costs $13.50/200g n smell heavenly as I like the blackcurrant scent. Much more long lasting n moisturizing compare to Miranda. I break the soap into pieces as I don't have a bath tube at home. I rub it onto my body and add more water which causes more bubbles to form. Super love it. Definitely will buy it again

Miranda from LUSH Soap

It is a kiwi scent soap. Tried it this morning during my shower. It lathers well but doesn't have a long lasting scent on my body. My sis found it too strong scent n she thinks some part of the soap smells like honeydew.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Review on Bourjois Healthy Balance unifying powder

Product info & pictures are taken from bourjois website

10hr matt and radiant complexion

Give your skin a boost of radiance and even out that skin tone!
Enriched with exotic fruit therapy to restore and rebalance the skin:
Yuzu - Anti-shine
Sharon fruit - hydration
Its ultra-fine texture is easy to blend and its feather-light feel will makes application easy!
Its slim compact casing and large mirror inside is an ideal handbag essential and perfect for touch-ups on the go!
Available in 4 natural shades suitable for all skin tones.
And it’s good for my skin:
· Hypoallergenic formula
· Non comedogenic
· Dermatologically tested

I came across this product on tues when i went to Lot 1 BHG. Bourjois is having 20% discount. I paid for it ard $15.90 if not wrong. It is super slim and weighs 9g. Does not come with a sponge. So i user my Dior powder foundation brush to apply it.

So far, i am using for 2 days. I use it as a loose powder and as a foundation. As a loose powder, it manage to give me a smooth and radiant look. Not too drying and can last me 8 hours even though i sweat a lot.
As for foundation, i find it to be a bit drying especially on my cheeks as i can see some smal white patches. Can cover my pores quite well and feel light on my face. Can last me after 6 hours as i sweat alot.

Overall, i like it as the powder is light and has anti shine effort. Coverage is good. i like the fruity scent. I am using shade 52 for fair skin.

You can check out the website for more info.. :)