Friday, 30 September 2011

Asience Customised Treatment

I like this treatment oil. Its a leave on treatment oil from Asience. It meant for dry & frizzy hair ends.

It deeply moisturises dry hair ends as it contains Jojoba Oil Energy Essence.

I like how my hair is less frizzy after using it. The oil is not that sticky and thick compare to some brands.
Easy to spread onto my hair. I dont feel the stickness or greasy at the end of the day when i sweat during my working hours.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Liese Designing Jelly

I have been using them daily. Super love their effects on my hair :).

First, i like how straightened my hair looks after using Liese Designing Jelly !

Before applying :

After applying:

The gel scent smells nice and it is easily to comb through my hair as it is in gel form. No greasy feeling on my hair after few hours.

Some Product Info:

 Tidy Straight - For a smooth & sleek look.

Keep frizzy and flyaway hair in place with a natural, sleek look. Hair stays moisturized and smooth after applying.

How to apply on your hair?

Spread the jelly thoroughly all over your hair from inner to outer layer of hair by running fingers through hair. Dosing so will help enhance the tidy & sleek effect.

For shoulder-length hair, use 3 - 4 pumps.

Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB cream UV

I bought this BB cream from Watson since it's on promotion. It cost $17.50 for 30ml.

I was very excited to try it out as i love BB creams :). However i am disappointed as it is more like a tinted moisturiser rather than a BB cream. It is abit fair for me (using MAC NC 20). I dont find it easy to blend as i have to make sure that it does not appear abit whiter on my face compare to my neck. The coverage is like 2.5/5 as it does make my pores look smaller. Yet still can see the redness on my face. I also dont like the pump as i cant judge how much i pump out each time. Lastly, i dont know the SPF factor as there is no indication on the bottle & packing.

I only like the dewy effect on my face. I will suggest using it then apply pressed powder or 2 way cake for better coverage.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Hair products haul from Watson

I am busy buying hair products after I dyed my hair in dark violet - red color. Under normal lighting, my hair appears to be black. However, once it hits the light, it becomes violet - red n people have been staring at my hair haha..

I went to my colleague's friend saloon @ Yishun to dye my hair. She charged mi 60 for the coloring n treatment. Very cheap deal :). The dye brands are "normal" which I think so as I always go for loreal or wella hair dye colors. The hair dye brands which I used this time are neither loreal or well. Actually I was very worried about the end result as the hairstylist mixed 3 colors: dark violet, dark red plus a mixture of shiny violet-red color. Luckily, the color turned out to be super nice :).

Back to the topic, I bought a treatment oil, styling gel, mini hair dyer, shampoo n conditioner from Watson. Only the treatment oil is not on promotion. I am happy with these buys. Am considering to go Watson again to buy back up since they r on promotion n I will use the products super fast haha..

I will review them tomo. Stay tune...

Friday, 16 September 2011

Eyeshadow Paletttes From Nu Ren Wo Zui Da Tender Autumn 2011












Monday, 12 September 2011

Smoky Eyeshadow Palettes (Her World Mag)

I saw this page on her world. Not sure what is the issue date.

Silkygirl Pure Fresh Oil Control 2 way Foundation Promotion Pack

I went to watson and bought this @ 20% off. It cost me $10.30. UP is $12.90. My sis bought one in shade 02 natural. My one is shade 01 fair.

It comes with a free Hydro clean makeup Remover worth $6.90. Think i just paid $3.40 for the 2 way foundation haha whats a steal, right?

Well, my sis has oily skin therefore she decided to buy one. As for me, i just want to try out the product as i have combination skin. I used some matte 2 way foundation in powder, liquid and mousse forms. All are too drying for me and can see my skin flaking after i removed my makeup.

I used the foundation few times. I used it alone and found it abit drying and oil control is not bad. Lasts for few hours. Used it as pressed powder over liquid foundation, i found it to be ok as its not that thick and lasts for few hours too. Think i will use it as a pressed powder rather than by itself.

As for the makeup remover, i like the scent alot. Refreshing scent. It can be used to remove normal makeup. It cannot remove my waterproof  Urban decay 7/24 eyeliner quite well.

Overall, i found this buy not bad as the price is cheap.

How the makeup remover look like.

It cleans quite well for the 2 way foundation.