Monday, 12 March 2012

Baby Skin Collagen Foot Mask

I am currently helping my sis to clear her Baby Skin Collagen Foot Masks they are about to expire in few more months.

I am using it for 2 days. I used a pair last night before i went to bed. Therefore i did not take any pictures. So i am using my second set now. N i took pictures :).

The foot masks are just like our normal socks design. Low cut and it is super mositurising. U can feel the wetness inside the mask. U need to put on the vinyl socks given and u have to walk carefully as the vinyl socks tend to come out easily. Therefore it is best if u sit on your sofa or lying on your bed to minimise any movement. Now I am sitting on my sofa and enjoying my foot spa. I walked around last night and the vinyl socks came out. Therefore i prefer not to move today.

The product pictures

The third picture show 2 compartments. One is for the foot mask while the other is for the vinyl mask.

Wearing the foot mask

Wearing the vinyl socks over the foot spa. U can see that the socks are not able to secure therefore it is best to minimise any movement.

My sister advised mi to put moisturiser about i have done the mask. She felt that by doing that, the feet will be more softer and moisturised compare to w/o using. Be the way, the instruction given on the product is not to wash your feet after using the mask. Therefore it is up to individual to use a moisturiser after that.

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