Saturday, 11 February 2012

Wiccy Magic Muscle Massage bar from LUSH soap

It's a spicy, tingly muscle soothing bar with red beans. It costs $20/70g. I share it with my sis as she really wants to try it out for her aching muscles. It smell like a ginger to us ! It really smells like the traditional muscle soothing lotion!! The butter side of the bar melts easily on my balm due to the body heat.

First step is to melt the butter and apply it onto the aching body part n use the red beans side to rub as a massaging tool. However I found the butter to melt more when rubbing the red beans' side on my legs as I was holding the butter inside my balm. In the end, I used my hands to massage my legs and it absorb quite well into my skin. My legs do not ache that badly this morning and will continue to use it nightly. I still can smell the scent when I woke up this morning

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