Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My Favourite Products in March


I am always wanted to post this review but i keep falling sick and too busy running my labs!

1) Dior BB cream $79

Its a pump tube with a capicity of 30ml. My makeup artist told mi to use a foundation brush to apply on my face as to ensure even application. Can use fingers to apply too. the texture is light creamy type.
A tip from my makeup artist: use your hands to cap your face after applying foundation so that the heat from our hands can melt the foundation into our skin and pores wont be that obvious esp if you have big pores.

I like the radient effect on my face. Managed to cover my pimples and pores. Oil control is quite good. i dont have breakouts after using it.

2) Etude Homme BB Cream set $37.90 ( with toner & moisturer sample size)

Its a pump type. The texture is lighter than Dior bb cream. easy application, Matte finish and it gives a very natural look. Oil contol is best. It is a whitening and anti wrinkles bb cream which are similar to the bb creams meant for gals in the market.

3) Beaute de Kose Ultimation Day Serum SPF 20 / PA ++

This is how the serum look like on my hand.

i bought this baby in 2009 but i oly started to use this only on dec last year. it has shimmer effect when i apply it on my face. the shimmer is ok, not overpower. Enhances foundation and makeup as it endows your skin with a reserve of moisture to fight daily stresses, for firm radiant skin.

4) elf Eye Studio Primer

I bought this from the elf website after i read the review. The texture is smooth n creamy in color. Easy to spread on the eye lids and dry up fast. It makes the eyeshadow color to be more obvious or enhance the color. Eyeshadow last longer and hard smear.

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