Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My foundation rountine

After cleansing, toning n moisturizing my face, I will use a makeup base like beaute de kose makeup base, Anna Sui foundation primer UV or lunasol. This step is important as the makeup base will enhance the foundation or 2 way cake application n protect our skin from foundation which may cause skin allergy or pimples in case the foundation is spoilt.

I alway use 2 way cake to settle my foundation or any bb cream by swipe my loose powder over my face using a brush. Using a sponge may cause the foundation to be cakey on the face as we may pat too much of the powder onto our face.
My current favorite foundations are ZA skin beauty liquid foundation, Paul n Joe light cream foundation, Bourjois healthy mix foundation with fruit therapy and lunasol modeling water liquid foundation. I choose my foundation according to my skin condition. If I feel that my skin is dry, I will use lunasol as it's a water based or bourjois with fruit extracts which provide my face moisture when using it. In case when I have pimples on my face, I will use Dior bb cream or ├ętude house homme bb cream which can cover pimples n help to solve face problems.

As for my 2 way cakes, I am using za powders, Paul n Joe protective dual powder foundation and kose whitening powder.

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