Monday, 28 November 2011

Fancl White Christmas Gift Set

I went to Fancl with my sis last week.  I bought the whitening set @ $33. Super worth as there are 2 bottles of whitening drinks & 2 pieces of whitening mask (full sized). Plus 6 sachets of whitening essence for 6 days use.

How the set look like

Items inside the set

Sample size of whitening essence

Instruction found behind the whitening mask
So far, i only tried the whitening mask. The quality of tghe mask is good and big enough to cover my whole face.

One good thing is that it covers my eyes too. Whitening my eye areas. The mask is well soaked inside the packet but no excess liquid inside to apply for my body haha .. Dont feel sticky or greasiness after i removed my mask. My face does lighten up after one application.

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