Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Swatches of china glaze's Fast track, Luxe and Lush & Smoke and Ashes and Essie's shine of the Times

from left to right:

1st nail : Fast track (1coat) + Shine of the times (1 coat)

2nd nail: Fast track (1 coat)+ Luxe and Lush ( 1 coat)

3rd nail: Smoke and ashes (2 coats) + Shine of the times (1 coat)

4th nail: Fast track  (1 coat) + Luxe and Lush (1 coat)

(poor images therefore not able to see the colors clearly)

From left to right:

1st nail: Fast track (a coat)+ Luxe and Lush (2 coats)

2nd nail: Smoke and ashes (2 coats) + Luxe and Lush (2 coats)

3rd nail: Fast track (a coat) + Shine of the times (2 coats)

4th nail: Fast track (a coat) + Luxe and Lush (2 coats)

Review :

1. Fast track is a cool beige with gold micro-flecks. Easy to apply onto the nail and 1 coat is enough to see the micro flecks.

2. Smoke and ashes: 1 coat will make u feel that it has a ink type of base and the blue micro-flecks are not that obvious. However, 2 coats will give u a nice black base and blue micro-flecks are so pretty.

3. Luxe and Lush: a coat by itself will give u a matte look. The flakes are in flecks of fiery orange, blue and a light pink. 2 coats and a top coat will bring out the flakes nicely.

4. Shine of the Times: recommended by TimTam & my sis. Both love the effects of chrome effect. 1 coat is enough on my smoke and ashes to make the nail look chrome

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