Friday, 11 January 2013

What Etude House items did i buy recently?

These 2 months, i bought etude house ( Moistfull aloe soothing gel 300ml, skin (mal;gem) deep moist 250ml & skin (mal;gem) emulsion 250ml)

Personally i super love the Moistfull aloe soothing gel 300ml as it really soothe my sunburn face, arms and my legs. I don't feel the pain on my face after applying it 4x. Even my sis asked mi what i did to my face as she could see the improvement on my face after 3 days. It also help in soothing the rashes on my face as i am quite sensitive to dusts and chemicals. Will keep stock if there's a sale in Etude House stores.

I bought the 2 skin(mal:gem)for $40 during the xmas promotion. The deep moist is quite moisturising when i apply on my face. I always let it settle down for a min then i apply the emulsion. The emulsion has the hydrating function. I dont feel any stickness after few mins. Repurchase: unless i can get both for $40 again.
These pics are taken from the website.

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