Sunday, 4 December 2011

LUCIDO-L Hair Make Supplement

This advert caught my eyes as the products are applied at night after shampooing.

I went to Watson n got the pink bottle which is meant for straight hair. The orange bottle is meant for curly. It costs $15.90.

I start with 2 pumps of the treatment oil and spread evenly on my hair roots. It has a nice fragrance. What I don't like is the oil's texture esp if I have to sleep with it on my hair. Feels oily at first but in the morning the oil does disappear. You mind think the oil has been absorbed onto my pillow casing. I din touch my pillow n only found abit oily only. My hair does not tangled n feel silky.

I decided to try to apply it in the morning before I go to work. It's moisturizing and I can skip my conditioner haha.. After few hours, the oil does disappear but i realise that my hair ends seem to be loosen in terms of frizzy !! I have no idea why it happens. Maybe due to my hair!!

So I will apply it at nite a few hours b4 I sleep. Then by the time I wan to sleep I don't feel the oiliness and can sleep comfortably. I do wash my hair in the morn.

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