Monday, 19 September 2011

Liese Designing Jelly

I have been using them daily. Super love their effects on my hair :).

First, i like how straightened my hair looks after using Liese Designing Jelly !

Before applying :

After applying:

The gel scent smells nice and it is easily to comb through my hair as it is in gel form. No greasy feeling on my hair after few hours.

Some Product Info:

 Tidy Straight - For a smooth & sleek look.

Keep frizzy and flyaway hair in place with a natural, sleek look. Hair stays moisturized and smooth after applying.

How to apply on your hair?

Spread the jelly thoroughly all over your hair from inner to outer layer of hair by running fingers through hair. Dosing so will help enhance the tidy & sleek effect.

For shoulder-length hair, use 3 - 4 pumps.


  1. Can I know how to apply the designing jelly 1?izzit apply before the hair dry or apply after the hair dry?and can I know when applly it,need to blow the hair ?

  2. Hi Mun, I usually apply it after my hair is dry. Whether to blow dry or not before applying, it's up to u.