Friday, 17 June 2011

My 1st Mini Curling Iron & Flat Iron

I bought this Mini from a shop @ NEXX. Its now sale now. I got it @ $20.30. U.P is $29.00.

I prefer this rather than the normal ones as it has more designs to choose, light & small. The salegal did a straighening demo using my hair with the normal one. I was impressed by how shiny, smooth & straight my hair was. It has few models too. The prices are from $50 and above.

I didnt try out the mini one at the shop. I tried it at home. It gets warm up very fast. I need to repeat a few times on a same straps of hair. The normal one requires 1x. Mini one has only 1 heat temperature when i turn it on. The normal has a few heatings temperatures to choose from.

After straightening my hair, i showed to my sister. She said my hair was quite straight. Worth to buy the mini one :).


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