Monday, 13 June 2011

Face Roller

I just bought a face roller from a shop @ toa payoh. It costs 9.90.

I always want to get one n $9.90 for a piece is not that expensive for a roller with 2 small "wheels" on each side.

I went online to search how to use the roller. Some advices I got are :

1) roll on your cleansed face for 10 mins daily. More than 10 mins will cause outbreaks... Scary

2) use any slimming cream or serum to achieve better results. For me, I am using nature republic firming serum which I like. I may switch to clarins face slimming or Haba slimming serum as I saw reviews saying the results are good n even u stop using it, the face won't bloat back again.

3) start the massage from chin to the centre of your face. Remove then start again from your chin.Don't roll up n down as your skin will sag as the time goes.

Will review after a week if my face really slim down abit

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