Sunday, 15 January 2012

Bio Essence Eye Cream

Due to Bio essence sale in Watson, I bought the bird nest's bio energy firm & brighten eye cream SPF15.

Well for mi, I will use it for day n night as to save cost as I am not really into eye skincare.

Just tried it and I dont quite used to using the applicator therefore I use my ring finger to tap slowly and massage outward. The eye cream is not thick at all. Easy to blend around my eyes. Cooling effect as I am massaging it ard my eyes. A pump is enough for an eye area.

Hope can see the effects soon as the product states that it reduce puffiness n eye-bags, lift, firm & brighten the eye areas & have hydrating & nourishing effects too. Can apply during the day before your makeup.


  1. hi, is the cream useful? has it helped to reduce eye circles & puffiness?


    1. Hi

      It does reduce dark circles for mi. As I don't have puffy eyes so I am not able to comment on the puffiness. Thanks