Saturday, 14 January 2012

ZA Total Hydration Haul & Reviews

Went to Watson n bought the blemish care essence & pore care essence. Both come in 20g with Vitamin B in tube forms and made in Vietnam.

I tried both. Frankly speaking, the pore care essence does not help much in covering my pores :(. My pores are not big or cover a large area on my face. That's y I feel disappointed after 2nd application. Maybe the results will be better after a week or more. Will continue to use and observe the effects. It is in gel type n watery as I rub it into my skin. Feel refreshing.

As for blemish care essence, it does make my small pimples to be less redness and dry out abit after 2nd application. However for the big ones, only redness is reduced. The essence is in gel and it does not feel sticky after a while. It uses as the last step after my moisturizer.

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