Saturday, 7 January 2012

Holika Holika Apple Shine Peeling Toner

This pic & the info below are taken from Holika Holika Singapore Facebook.

Contains organic fruits, grains, hyaluronic acid and natural cellulose. Gently remove dead skin for a clear and glowy skin.

2~3 days for sensitive skin and daily for normal skin

After cleansing with Apple Shine Scrub Foam, soak proper amount on cotton pad and wipe gently on face and follow by Apple Shine essence

My Review:

Finally i opened this after i purchased it last year. I tried and was surprised to see white flakes coming out once i applied the toner onto my face. It works just like any peeling gels which are on the market. The good thing is i dont feel any pain even when my face is red and sensitive due to chemicals as i work in a lab. My face does not feel dry too after using it !!

My face does look clearer after using it. Will continue to use it as my daily skincare rountine. Its a good buy !!

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