Thursday, 19 May 2011

VOV Mini Pack Masks

Hi gals

I tried the VOV mini Charcoal Pack mask and this time it was successful.

The mask took about 30mins to dry. I could peel it off quite easily. I took a peek on the dried mask and could see the whiteheads or blackheads (tiny white things ) sticked onto the mask just like the Biore nose blackhead peel off. (did i say it correctly? haha ) In case there is any sticky pats on the face, please use a wet towel to lightly pat on the part, it will come out quite easily. I use my finger to rub which is not successful and hurt my skin.

My face felt quite dried and there was abit tightness on my cheeks. So i used the VOV honey lemon pack to moisturise my skin.

This is how the mask look like. Yellowish clear gel

I applied it onto my face

I washed off after 10 minutes. My face looked brighter but dont feel moisturied at all.

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