Thursday, 5 May 2011

A Beauty Buffet Mask Haul from Watson

Went to watsons to search for a pimple cream as I have a super big n red pimple ard my nostril. The pus cant be squeezed out or dried by itself. Very sad that's why I bought a T3 pimple gel + n applied on it. Really painful when I put the cream on it. Hope tomo the pimple will dry up abit.

Back to the topic haha

I just saw this brand at Watson today. There are 4 types. 5pcs per box. Watson is having promotion for 2 boxes @ 14.50. 1 box is @ 7.90.

I chose charcoal & cyress facial mask for purifying n oil control. The other one is vitamin c n neroli facial mask for revitalise & brighten. The trademark is a smiley cloud haha...

It's a Taiwan made mask exclusively for Watson Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Philippines as it states on the packaging.
Recommended for daily usage.

The other 2 masks are for firming n moisturing if I am not wrong.

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