Saturday, 7 May 2011

VOV Daily Mini Pack Masks From Pink Beauty

Went to West Mall for Coffebean breakfast with my sis after we voted for our area. Yes... Today is the Big Day for all Singaporeans... Election Day. May all singaporean vote for their preferred parties and standby their choices in the future !!

My sis wanted to check out the Pink Beauty located at West Mall. She was so excited when she saw these masks. She saw them on ebay therefore she decided to buy since it costs $1.80 each. I followed her too haha

I only chose 5 types while she chose all the 7 types of masks.

From left top: Charcoal Pack x 3, Egg peel off mask x2, Apple AHA peeling gel x3
Left bottom: Berry & Berry (strawberry, blueberry & raspberry), x 1 & Honey lemon Wash off pack 

This is the Apple AHA Peeling gel.

I used the scrub after washing my face with water. It's not really gel form. Its more like gel cum creamy type. The scrub is fine, not coarse. A nice apple scent. After washing it, my face look brightened.

This is the Charcoal Pack mask

The mask is very sticky yet easily to spread on my face. Very Black in color. I waited for 20 mins for it to be dried up and peeled if off. Instead of drying up, it melted on my face as the weather is too hot. Weather broadcast on the radio reported today temperature is 29 - 34. I took awhile to wash up my face. Therefore i am not sure whether blackhead n whiteheads are removed at all. I will try this mask again next week.  

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