Thursday, 5 May 2011

My Taiwan Haul is here !!

My Haul !!

@ nature hibiscus Mutabillis
Whitening Clear essence

Size: 30ml.
Suitable for all skin types, especially with pigmentation and dull skin.
Whitening, brightening and hydrating.
Improve uneven skin tone and keep face translucent.
Soothe, soften, nourish, moisturize, repair and strengthen skin.
Improve skin water retention ability to inhibit oxidation of the skin.

Usage: After cleansing and toning, apply gently on face and neck till absorbed. Follow by moisturizer.

How the serum look like

Beauty Diy - Neroli Water Massage Refiner
Size: 100ml.
Helps to whiten and brighten dull skin.
Give skin a healthy glow.
Usage: Use day and night after cleansing. Lightly apply and massage on face before toning.

How the lotion look like

Naruko Rose & Snow Fungus Classic Hydrating Night Gelly

Size: 60ml.

Prevents the moisture loss and repairs the damages during the night time.
Unique cocktail of essential oils and Phytoferulin® complex.
Comforts the dryness and helps promote a moisture barrier.
Skin awakens with less dryness and fewer fine lines.
Usage: Apply at night after routine skincare process. Massage on face   and neck. Recommended by Nu Ren Wo Zui Da 女人我最大.

Product info on the jar

How the gelly look like

 Tried out these 3 items once i received them last night.

1) Hibiscus Whitening Clear Essence - the texture is lotion type and abit sticky. Does spread quite well on the face. Whitening effect is not immediate type. Think i need to use it for a week or more to see the effect. A small pump is enough for one application. A Light Herbal scent.

I will continue to use it for a week or more before i review on how effective the product is.

2)Neroli Water Massage Refiner - the texture is lotion and abit sticky too. Think i squuezed alot on my hand (20 cent coin size) and it took me quite awhile to spread over my face till it was totally absorbed. Think i will reduce the amount and see how well it is being absorbed into my skin.

I used a toner to remove it twice haha cos i dont want any of it to remain on my face being i used the Hibiscus Whitening Clear Essence and KS too.
Did notice that my face look clear and brightened after using the toner to remove the massage refiner. It has much more noticeable effect than the whitening clear essence. (Maybe i will try to use the whitening essence without using the massage refiner and can see the effect !.)

3) Naruko Rose & Snow Fungus Classic Hydrating Night Gelly

It is so hydrating and spread well and absorbed fast into my skin. No stickness and it has a rose scent. I personally feel that Naruko products can blend well with other brands products. I have been mixing the korean products with Naruko night jellys. No breakout or rashes at all.

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