Saturday, 14 May 2011

Massive Silk Whitia Mask Haul From Choa Chu Kang Lot 1 SASA Sale


I went to Lot 1 with my sister and noticed that SASA is having sale at the centre of the Level 1. Silk Whitia caught my eyes. We were so excited that we ran toward the cart haha...

When I saw how cheap the silk whitia ranges were, i really heart pained cos i just bought some this week. Posted in my previous post.

Now the current sales are Silk whitia buy 1 box get 1 free or get 3 boxes @ $28.00
                                        Silk Whitia hanfeng series only: 2 boxes @ $12.90
The expiry date is ard aug - oct 2012.

The reason why i am so crazy about the silk whitia : the masks are so well soaked inside the packaging. When i put on the mask, my face feel moisturing. I like the fact that i need to rinse off after 20mins n the effect is there. Btw, after using the silk whitia masks, you need to rinse off. Please remember to rinse :)..

The silk whitia for 3 boxes @ $28 - i bought 2 boxes of anti oxidation whitening mask and a box of whitening and moisturising mask.

Anti oxidation whitening mask - contain a rich content of vit C and highly effective anti oxidatant ginseng extracted that turn dull into bright. the whitening essence works effectively on the skin, lightening dark spots & producing a radiant appearance.

Whitening & moisturisng mask - the highly permable mini hyaluroni acid particules instantly replenish moisture while the Vit C whitening factor penetrates into the skin promoting a radiant & hydrated appearance.

Hanfeng series ( 2 boxes @ $12.90)

Firming Mask ( purple in color) - rich content of natural citric acid & malic acid extracted from fructus schisandrae essence effectively refines pores. Ginseng extract, Vit E & collagen soothe fine lines, revitalize the skin & postpone aging, restoring the skin to become fine, firm, supple & radiant.

Moisture Hydrating Mask (orange in color) - the rich content of santalu album essence juice replenishes moisture and powerfully hydrates and nourishes the dry skin. The hyaluronic acid it containslocks moisture maintaining an optimum level of hydration of  the skin.

Anti Oxidizing Mask ( blue in color) - contains a rich content of mulberry root epidermis essence and licorice essence juice which reduces action of free radicals, achieve antioxidant effect & corrects yellow skin tone. The addition of semen persicae essence & wheat germ protein eccectively prevent the skin from aging, dull and losing moisture, restoring the skin to become supple & radiant.

Revitalizing Mask ( green in color) - extracted from ginkgo biloba extract and various plant essence improves the deep skin from dull to luminous. The wheat germ protein and Vit C correct the uneven skin tone giving the skin lustrous radiance.

Application for all silk whitia masks:

place the mask onto cleansed face. leave it on for 15 - 20 mins, then remove and rinse well with water. use dsily for best result.

Will update the photos when i am working on monday. My home PC cant detect my iphone sigh..

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