Saturday, 28 May 2011

Beautymate Acne mask Review

I did this mask on Thursday night. My pimples are so hard to get rid of. Oxy 10, tea tree oil, clearsil do not work at all!! I am so desperate but I have to live with them till they disappear by themselves. Will it happen?

Beautymate acne mask is very wet as it is well soaked with essense. The mask is bigger than almost all the ones which I have tried out. I don't need to stretch the mask to fit my face. The mask material is good n soft. My big pimples did get a bit less redness than before.

I asked my sis on her view. She likes it too as in term of the essence & the effects of the beautymate masks which she tried. So far, she has not review on her masks on her blog.

I will try the other beautymate marks n review it soon.

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