Sunday, 29 May 2011

Watson Haul

Just bought beautymate whitening mask n my sis bought snow white set from my beauty dairy ( limited set).

There are 3 sets of the snow white. Inside each box, there are 15 standard facial mask. The only difference is the 2 pieces of mask which are free. The 2 pieces are the same type & they come in whitening, moisturizing or firming. You can differentiate by the box color. My sis got the blue one which has the moiturising ones. The price is the same for the 3 boxes. $23.90 for 15 + 2.

I got beautymate whitening box @ 15.90 before 20% less. I like beautymate more as the size of the mask is bigger n the material is thick n soft. Think I will only get my beauty dairy when Watson, guardian or SaSa start to sell the hello kitty range. Hope this set will be in soon ..

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