Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Lovemore whitening masks

Hi gals,

I will be starting to use lovemore whitening masks ( the pink box) for 7 days straight as the product info suggested.

I just couldn't resist myself from using them haha.. Must try n review haha.. Hope my face will be brighter after 7 days.

So far, I am happy with the silk Whitia whitening masks. They do help in brightening or whitening my face after each use. I like the anti oxidant whitening mask n Hanfeng firming one most as the results are very obvious especially in whitening n slimming or firming the face.

The masks are thicker compare to beauty diary. The masks are so well soaked with the essence that when I apply on my face, the essence tend to drip down my neck abit. The fragrance of the masks is the same. After washing the face, you won't feel any tightness or uncomfortable or breakouts. My sis also likes silk Whitia. She is so hardworking as she does 2 masks daily haha..

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