Friday, 15 April 2011

What i keep in my office drawers?

I just realised that i have some makeup stored in my drawers. Haha think i have forgotten about them.. And some skincare which i have been using daily :)

Makeup items:

1)elf studio blush in pink passion. A bright pink cheek colour that should suit the spring look.

2) elf brightening eye color in nouveau neutrals.
The green and brown are intense in color while the other two are ok only.

3) elf waterproff eyeliner pen in black. it has a fine tip which draws easily on my hand.

4) elf luscious liquid lipstick in pretty pink. Sold by the color of the lipgloss and it's not sticky at all.

Skincare that i have been using daily:

1)  simple refreshing facial wash gel. it's very good for sensitive and does not cause any dryness when i am using it.

2) ginvera nutri white hydrasoft cleanser that effectively rids skin of dirt and impurities. sometimes i do feel tightness on my skin when i use it.

3) Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater and glycerine Body lotion : use it for moisturising my hands. Light lotion texture. The skin on my hands has been peeled off badly due to the chemicals which i have been handling lately. It does not help much in healing but at least my hands can be hydrated for awhile. Love the rose scent too :)

4) Etude house petit bijou cotton snow moisturising body lotion : use it for moisturising my hands too. Light lotion texture. A free gift but etude house does sell it in regualr size. Flowery scent ? i am not that sure haha my sis loves it a lot. It dose not help much too for my hands.

5) Fancl Fresh clear sheet: can i say it is like a wet tissue?! i use it to clean my neck when i have rashes or small red spots. It is not sticky. Nice to use as it is a moist wipe. Instant help when i have no time to go toilet to wash my neck.

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