Saturday, 23 April 2011

Why try a BB cream? (featured in Women's Weekly Singapore May Issue)

I like to share this article with you as i think BB cream does help in improving our skin conditions if u pick up a good one in the market.

Korean shops in singapore carry many ranges of their BB creams. Well as for me, i did try quite a number of the BB creams except Tony Moly. I used to purchase skin79 from ebay singapore few years back before it becomes so popular in asia. Personally, i like skin79 bb creams in foundation rather than the bb cream in pact powder types. I will do a review on skin79 sun pact bb cream soon.

Let's see what the Bb cream article in women's weekly mentioned about the new Bb creams :)

General info:

Orginating in Germany in the 196.0's, the BB cream was created by dermatologist Dr Christine Schrammek for treating patients after laser skin surgery. soon the bebefits of the balm to suffers of othe skin conditions became apparent. And before long, it was picked up by clever koreans who made it their own by adding even more benefits specifically for Asian women.

Having a bb cream in your beauty bag fulfils a range of purpose:

- use as a tinted moisturising base under a foundation or used all on its solo as a light foundation
- latest bb creams contain skin repairing ingredients and can whiten brighten & protect against further sun  damage with UV protectors.
- Plus they help even out in skin tone, improve texture & give you a glow.

BB creams recommended and featured in the article

From Left top:

 1) Clinique age defense bb cream SPF 30/PA +++ -NEW!  previously only sold in airports will soon be available islandwide

2) The Body Shop's Moisture White Shiso  BB cream SPF25 / PA +++, $32.90 - has a revamped formula comprising antioxidant shiso leaf that's high in vitamin A & C. It's hydrating too unlike other bb creams!

3) Bio essence Multi Effect BB cream SPF 25 PA +++, $32 - a multi tasker which nourishes, hydrates and whitens skin.

4) Laneige Snow BB cream SPF 41 PA++, $49 - contains liquid crystal essence which helps skin retain moisture

From rigt top:

1) the Face shop skin plumping Flebeaute Collagenic Bb cream, $33.90 - one of the most popular faceshop bb cream.

2) Beloved One Melasheep Whitening Blemish Balm Cream, $50.30 - NEW! a best selling cosmeceutical range in Taiwan, Hongkong & china and is now available in Sephora. It has Job's tear for hydrating and rosehip to repair.

3) Bobbi Brown's BB creme SPF35 PA+++, $50 - has reflective pearls to give skin a fresh glow and cafferine to reduce redness.

4) DiorSnow UV Shield BB creme SPF 50 PA+++, $79 - NEW! Promising instant balance. It was formulated specifically for asian skin.

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