Saturday, 23 April 2011

My first Trial of Nature Republic Nightsolution Overnight Peeling Serum


I applied 2 pumps of this serum around 10pm. Now it's almost 3am. I checked my face just now. No rashes or any outbreak. I touched my face and it's smooth and i dont feel that i have put any overnight mask at all.

For korean overnight gels or Bio essence one, i always have pimples or rashes popping out next day. I hate it! I also don't like the feeling of having the gel on my face when i am sleeping esp warm nights when i sweat and my face feels greasing!. That is why i decided to use it rather that getting Nature Republic overnight gels. haha it's better to be safe! Cos if i get the gel type and i have rashes on the next morning, i will pass to my sis! haha

Serums are easily absorbed into the skin. That's why i dare to use 2 pumps and apply on my face for my 1st trial. The texture of this overnight serum is light and i spread over my face using 2 pumps. Easy to spread and absorbed. Nice scent. No greasing feeling when i was sleeping just now. Woke up due to the warm weather.
Thats why i am blogging now :). Will continue to use it 3x per week :). Worth buyig as it costs SGD 20.60

Btw, in the past i did ask the SAs about overnight gels. She told me if i have pimples poping out, it may mean that i don't cleanse my face well. So i cleansed my face, scrubbed my face and used toners alot then i tried the overnight gels yet i still got pimples the next mornings!!

Think i use the overnight gels as a mask. I can leave it on my face for 30mins or an hour and rinse off before i sleep. Must find ways on how to use up the products. If not, my sis will benefit cos i will pass them to her. Envy her cos she always can use the products which i cant use. She does not have problem using overnight masks at all !!

Update @ 7am: I woke up and checked the mirror again haha.. No breakouts or rashes appear. Washed my face and could see that my face brightened abit under the light ! Skin is smooth too..

My Verdict:

Worth buying and use often. Wont regret buying it!

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