Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Skin79 Diamond Collection Sun Protection Balm Moist SPF 50+ PA++

This is one of the Skin79 products which i am using right now. I wore it today as a sunscreen.

I found it unique as the first time i opened it up and i couldn't find the balm haha cos it's look just like any base of a container. Totally white and smooth packed inside. I only realised that the white base is actually the balm when i touched the base. I got a shock as its so smooth...

(Can you see the moist balm at the base of the container?)

Product info on the packaging:

The sun protection balm has sun protection effects which is much stronger than other products and has double acting to ultraviolet rays. This is a type of cake and can be applied to skin smoothly. It is a 20g product. Made in korea.

Apply the appropiate amount to the whole face and spread with a puff at the last step of basic skin care. It can be coated lightly at your convenience after make up.

It comes with a soft sponge for application use.

I usually wear it after my moisturiser. I pat the balm on my face and lightly blend into my skin just like how i apply my foundation. I love how smooth the balm is. Easy to blend. Theres a bit of shimmer purple in the balm. It manages to cover my pores and lighten my face color. It does not appear white on my face.

Swatch on my hand

Swatch on the tissue paper.

I simply love this product! I used loose powder after it. My friends couldnt tell any difference as they thought i am wearing my normal foundation to work today.

So i will continue to use it as a sunscreen together with my loose powder. I am so happy that these 2 can work well as i have many loose powders lying around unused :).

By the way, i will try to use it after my makeup.

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