Saturday, 2 April 2011

My daily cleansing products

I have super sensitive skin which will itch whenever my face get dirty, sweat too much, too hot the weather gets, used products which are not suitable for my skin n mostly when i prepared a lot of chemicals in m lab. this usually leads to skin allergy n a lot of rashes will appear. in the end, i need to see doctor to get medicine and cream to apply.

Below are my personal reviews. I shall not be held responsible should you encounter any negative experience (as defined below) from the purchase and usage of the products which are reviewed in this blogspot.

- Products are classified as Beauty & Skincare

- Negative experiences are defined as Skin breakout from product usage and Abnormal skin reaction from product usage.

1) For Sensitive Face

Recently i just bought Etude House Cloud Bubble foam (Mild) to wash my rashes face. The SA told me that there are some customers who repeatedly purchased this item. so i decided to try it out.

However, when i took alook at the bottle's bottom, there was a sticker stated rich foam cleansing makeup remover supplies quick n convenient cleansing. ph formula is gentle 0on the skin. haha.. Anyway i still use this product to wash my face as i dont feel any tightness after washing. it cleanses well n lathers well. Has a nice fragnance scent. More inmportantly. it does not make my rashes worse. So far, i dont use it to remove my makeup and i dont know the reason too. haha...

The foam picture

Bottle Pic

Next up, i am also using loreal perfect clean foaming cream wash with soothing effect. I bought it during the recent watson member sale @ Jurong point. Its on sale. On the product, it states the scrublet which uses together with the foam will cleanse the skin well, pores appear smaller n velvety smooth skin, i tried and agreed with it but the scrublet made my face feel tight therefore i dont use it anymore.
The foam texture is creamy n pearl. Lather wells.

Pic of the creamy texture wash

Bottle Pic

2) For my pimples's day

i am using Rojukiss oil & acne clearing foam. Not able to give any product info as korean words are wriiten on it. It does help in soothing my face abit and reduce abit of the redness. Cleanses well and no tight feeling.

3) For hydrating use

I am only using bio essence spa energy deep moisturizing cleansing foam. A gift from my colleague. Some Product info: enriched with unique bio energy fluid, tanaka extract, aloe vera n hebral essence. Gentle sopap, dosent strip away skin natural moisture and cleans well.

the texture is creamy, pearly, lathers well and can feel my skin hydrated after using. Nice fragrance too.

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