Saturday, 23 April 2011

Taiwan Haul from Rainbow Mart Singapore (Part 2)

I always want to try Naruko overnight gels. So i decided on getting this for whitening purpose.

List of ingredients

Directions but shown in chinese words :(

How the jar look like

English info on the product.

The gel is whitish and translucent. It comes with a spatula for hygiene purpose. Don't need to use finger to scoop out the gel !

Apply a small amount. It is quite cooling and hydrating. Light in texture which is good as i hate greasiness on my face after one night of sleep esp when the weather is so warm and i sweat. Btw, the scent is strong but i still can take it. It smells more like herbal to me
I will do a review once i try it tonight. Not sure if there will be any breakout after a night's sleep. Hope it will be different from those overnight gels which i used before.

This is the product info which i took from rainbowmart website:

Naruko - Job’s Tears Whitening and Cooling Night Gelly

  • Size: 60ml.

  • Soothes the skin with hydration and repairs the damages from UV rays exposure.

  • Usage: Apply at night after routine skincare process. Massage on face and neck.

  • Recommended by Nu Ren Wo Zui Da 女人我最大.

  • I must thank her as she gave me a free beauty DIY Rose HA hydrating Mask. Will buy some more from her if the naruko overnight gel does not give me any breakout.

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