Monday, 18 April 2011

Liese Bubble Hair Colour

I just dyed my hair using Liese Bubble hair dye Cassie Berry ( A glamorous pink with a touch of brown). It's my 2nd time using this colour. I always hope that i can get the shade of the model's hair. However, due to my brown dye hair, I dont get that shade. I am happy that my hair has become darker which made my face look slimmer haha..

 Reasons that i choose this dye are: it coloured my hair evenly, easy to do as it 's like shampooing you hair and u need to foam your hair at all time for the dyeing process to work, you can get the coloring right down to the roots and back of your head. The colour lasts for few months. Most importantly, it's cheaper than going to saloon or you have no time to visit one :). It cost $19.90 which is a good buy!

These are the products.




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