Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My Daily Toners

Thsese are the toners that i am currently using.

I bought Watson Spring Water toner @ $2. So far, i din use the watson range and decided to try this toner.
No allergy when using this. Its like normal toner. The texture is watery not lotion type. No scent.

I use Garneir Pure Pore tightening astringent toner with mineral zinc when i have my pimples days. The alcohol content is quite strong as i can smell
it. Repeat uses doe help in drying up the pimples. I have repeated bought it for few times. The price is ok.

I have been using Diorsnow white reveal wipe off gel. Product info from Dior website :

This soft-as-snow “resurfacer” is a highly innovative addition to the whitening regime, which gently rids skin of dead cells and impurities to reveal new and natural rosy radiance. Purified and refined, skin feels bright and refreshed, ideally prepared for the primer step that follows. Gently wipe over cleansed face and throat with a cotton pad, then follow with either White Reveal Lotion. Apply daily, morning or night.

It does help in whitening my skin. The texture is quite thick n its more like a lotion to mi. Cooling on my face. Nice scent. I need to pat on my skin after use for better absorption. Its a pump type bottle.

I have been using ZA true white prismizer since i bought it at feb 2011.
My pigmentations have been lightened abit after using this. Its more like a lotion texture. It cost $19.90 for a bottle.

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