Thursday, 14 April 2011

Holika Holika Haul

Went to Holika Holika @ Wisma with my sis. We bought quite a lot of things.

I got a Plumping Heart Essential Emulsion which contains sweet almond extract, collagen providing mildness and nutrition for an energized smooth skin layer.

Aqua splash cream special set ( a 50ml cream with 20ml toner & 20ml emulsion) Sold by how fluid and light texture of the cream :)

Pumping Heart v line mask for slimming your face and reduce your double chin. Tried once. Result: i feel my chin is abit tight after using. Slimming effect: i am not sure. Maybe i need to use it for a few days straight. $5 per mask

Holika Holika Best selling Pore cover (SA told me)

Its a strawberry flavoured primer (Strawberry Pore Cover Mousse Starter)
A make up base that can cover pores. .

Baby Blossom Moisturiser BB cream for sensitive skin.
Sold by how smooth it feels on my hand, the scent and the light texture.

Lastly but definitely not the last,

Deep eye mascara with eyeliner (for volumising effect)

I didnt try it on the shop. Just grabbed it sionce the SA said its one of the best sellers. Its come with liquid eyeliner with fine tip.

I will review on the holika holika products once i have stared to use them. Stay tuned....

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