Sunday, 10 April 2011

Nature Republic Haul

I am just back from Nature Republic store @ Jurong Point. I went there with my sister as she is a member.
I am having very bad face rashes which are so obvious. I am hoping to get a sensitive serum for my face n soothing the rashes.

The SA introduced me their sensitive range which is from $42.90 - $47.90. The range is eco garden. Natural origin ingredients 99.36% with Organic floral water & origins.It is certified by EU organic cerification body. Pollution-zero skin revitalizing line contains 4 kinds of mild orgins water( lime, hamamelis, lemon balm & green tea water.) and organic olive oil.

I tried the eco garden serum ($47.90)and found it to be quite thick for my liking. End up i bought the eco garden fluid ($42.90, 150ml) which is the moisturiser. I like the texture as its a bit less creamy than the serum.


I also bought a set of the Polynesia lagoon water Fresh aqua fluid, toner and serum @ a special price of $45. (U can choose any 3 products from this range for $45 but u must include the serum .) It's so cheap as the SA told us that the company will be launching a new packaging therefore they are trying to sell away the current packaging at discounted prices. My sister bought a set too as she found the product is quite good as she had bought the serum 2 weeks ago and have been using it now.

The fluid ($ 17.90, 150ml) contains the freshness of the blue green sea.
The toner ($17.90, 150ml) contains the freshness of deep-blue coral reef. I have no info of the serum ($20.10) as i will be collecting it on 16/4 as the store has no stock.

I also bought the ice jelly primer SPF 28 $19.50. It's melon (green)in scent. There are 4 fruits csents in this range. Lemon (yellow), blueberry (purple) and cherry (pink).

Melon helps makeup to blend well with skin tone. I tried to search nature republic online to get the other 3 colors'functions which states the same function as the melon. However i remembered that at the store each fuction is different.

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