Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Type of Makeup Removers

It is so important to clean your face properly especially if u have makeup on your face. If you don't clean your face well , it can cause break outs and clot pores. Standard facial wash doesn't not work well as they are not meant to remove makeup. You need to use a good makeup remover to remove your makeup then you use a facial cleanser after that to cleanse your face to remove any remaining makeup traits on your face.

How to use a makeup remover:

- May leave it on your face for several mins as to dissolve the makeup
- May use cotton swabs dipped with makeup remover to clean your face
- Cotton swabs are more useful for sensitive eye area but avoid cotton if you are wearing contact lenses.     
- Take care not to tug or pull at your skin especially when removing waterproof eye makeup.

As we all know there are many types of makeup removers available in the market. There are for whole face or for eye and lip only. There are oil based, oil -free water based, dual phase remover (soap and oil based), cleansing milk and makeup remover wipes.

Personally, i prefer water based makeup remover as it's much easier to wash off compared to the oil based one. Currently, i am using Mandon Cleansing Express Makeup Remover range which doesn't require any cleansing after using it. My face is clean and doesn't clog pores. An easy way to use at night when you are too tired to remove at the end of the day.It may take awhile to remove waterproof eye makeup especially when i wear more than 3 coats of waterproof mascara. It does not sting my eyes too. It is my favourite brand so far for water based one.

If i just wear tinted moisturiser, i just use etude house cloud bubble foam to cleanse my face.

If i just wear bb cream on my face and light makeup, i will use etude house baking powder BB Deep cleansing foam. It works well as it is an ideal cleanser for BB cream removal. So far, i don't try it to remove any waterproof makeup. So, i am not sure whether it works or not.

So i do use a oil based makeup remover like Dior to remove stubborn makeup. I will massage it over my face esp the eye area as to dissolve mascara and eyeliner. Once i think i have properly dissolve my makeup, i will add water, it will become milky white liquid and then just rinsed away. I will use a soft foam cleanser (etude house mild cloud bubble foam) to wash my face. My favourite ones are biore and Dior.

I use makeup remover wipes when i am lazy to wash my face. I can carry it around inside my bag. I do keep a packet inside my office drawer too. 1 or 2 sheet will be enough to remove the whole face. It cleanses, tones, moisturise your face too. You need to check packaging whether the wipes are meant for waterproof makeup too. On the market, my favourite ones are simple, biore, elf (bought online) and nivea.

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