Sunday, 17 April 2011

Mascara Collection Video Part 1


This is my mascara video Part 1. The ones which i am currently using. I still have some brand new ones storing up. I always use 2 or more when i want my lashes to be obvious. My favourite all time is definitely Dior Blackout & Iconic. They are valued for money. My sister & her friend love them too.

Inside my video, the maybeline one is the vibrating one. I am more impressed by how my lashes separate, thicken n lengthen compare to Lancome vibrating one. I don't see how my lashes are being lengthened after applying few coats with Lancome. But my lashes are not clumped together even after few coats. Separating part i am happy with it.

As for Covergirl mascara & Milani mascaras, i purchased them online. They are affordable n effective too.

AS for Model Co, i love how it works with its fiber one. My lashes can be 10x longer after using these 2 babies too. Bought them in Paragoon. The SA used mi as a model to show my sis n her friend how amazing they were. We were so totally sold off that we bought few sets home. Lucky we did so as the company was withdraw from singapore.

As for bourgis, i tried a few of their mascaras for 3 years or more. Honestly i still prefer their old range of mascaras which were much more effective in terms of how obvious my lashes were thickened, volumising and thickened.

Brands: Covergirl, Milani, Maybeline, Lancome, Dior, Anna Sui, Bourjois, Model Co

P.S: I may leave out some brands just in my lippy video. However, in Part 2 i will show all in details. :)

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