Sunday, 3 April 2011

Pimples Day again

I went for facial cleanup yesterday. Paid for $20 only. It's a painful process as the lady tried to squeeze out all the blackheads n whiteheads on my face.

Today pimples popped out :(. Am so sad. I plan to use my Dior bb cream n ├ętude homme bb cream for these few days hoping the pimples will be healed by the creams.

I plan to wear eyeliner n mascaras with my orangey n pinky lippes since I have no time to do my usual Korean type of smokey eyes with very black eyeliner. I need to use bronzer to contour my face as I have round n flesh face.

I will do a review on toners which I am using currently. Hmm maybe on my foundations, mascaras, makeup primers too if I have the time.

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