Friday, 22 April 2011

Review of Rosebaking scrub wash


How the powder scrub look like.

After adding water to it, i lathered it
I just tried the scrub wash after i reached home. I just could not wait to try this new baby and did a review on it.

So far, i don't remember i have bought a powder scrub before. I did bought Fancl powder cleansing before.

The scrub powder is fine and white in color. When i added water to it, then i realized that the powder was quite rough. Could feel the scrubbing effect when i massaged onto my face. I added some water onto my face, it lathered much more. After washing off, my face looked clearer and brightened up. I used my toner after it and i did not feel any sting on my face. That meant that the scrub was gentle enough without over scrubing my face. Simply love this scrub. Another advantage is i can control the amount which i need to use per time.

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