Thursday, 14 April 2011

Etude 02 White Vitamin C Review

The products' Pictures

The whitening serum set come with 12 pc of powder what is supposed to enhance the whitening effect of the serum.

My Personal review:

I used up 3 powders so far. The powder is too light and i always do a mess when i am mixing the powder with the serum together. Found it quite troublesome to use.

Personally, i am not impressed by the whitening effect of the powder and the serum. The whitening effect is not intact compare to loreal whitening sheet mask (not sure its still selling in sg), anna sui whitening or guerlain whitening masks. I also don't see the intact whitening effect after a few hours later.

Whitening effect: 2/5
Below are the steps (shown by the pictures)


Adding serum to it

After mixing, it looks like a yellow serum ( the white powder is shattered around)

I used up the white powder on the lid too :)

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