Wednesday, 27 April 2011

3 days trial of Nature Republic Men Sunscreen & Liquid Foundation

1st Day Trial

Men Sunscreen
Foundation Shade 13

Nature Republic Men sunscreen: Beige in color & cream in texture rather than the normal sunscreens which are milky type lotion. This made me think that this sunscreen can pass off as a BB cream (definitely does not have BB cream benefits) or tinted moisturiser ( can use loose powder to set it).

Btw, i am a MAC NC20 gal. It does blend well with my skin tone and has quite a good coverage on concealing my pores. Now i know why The Nuature Republic SA told me that some guys had feed backed to her that afetr using the sunscreen, they felt like that they were wearing foundation on their faces haha.. .
The Homme Range has a strong men frangance that's why my sis skipped this as she cant stand the fragnance. The fragnance faint away after awhile.

i wan wondering whether i should use the foundation after using the sunscreen as i was satisfied with the coverage. But in the end, i still used the foundation shade 13. The foundation is cream in texture. It took me awhile to blend onto my face. I was ok with the coverage of the foundation. It made my face abit glowy. It has a strong floral frangance too. But i realised that i could see my pores abit which i think i had over put the makeup on my face as the sunscreen is cream in texture too. I was worried that my pores would be clooted at the end of the day. I wore for 3 hours and had been tapping my face with tissue. My face makeup didn't fade at all. I felt abit greasy on my face.

2nd Day Trial

I wore the sunscreen and met my friend. We went outdoor for few hours. I could feel the greasiness after almost 2 hours as the weather on that day was extremely hot! I kept tapping my face with tissue. I only checked on my makeup after 6 hours as we went to wisma to meet my sis for Holika Holika Hual :). My sunscreen coverage was still there ! I think this sunscreen is not bad after all except i dont like the greasy feeling.

3rd Day Trial

I wore the foundation to work. I didn't use the sunscreen. The coverage was there so was the glowy effect on my face. Coverage was still okay even though i sweated during the working hours.  Greasy feeling was there too. I will still use this product but definitely it's not my favourite one.

Btw, i tried to use etude house mild bubble foam to wash away foundation but it failed. I had to use etude house bb powder cleansing foam to remove. As for the sunscreen, i could use the mild bubble foam to remove.

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